Super cinnamon problems

I am debating weather I want to breed super cinnamons. I have heard about them having duckbills. I heard mixed things about it affecting their health. Should I worry about them having duckbills?

Duckbill is only part of their issues if you are lucky, it is often accompaigned with severe spinal deformity.

Many people I know that work toward super or super combos stopped because the vast majority are prone to Major issues that are often fatal.

Anyone can breed what they want ultimately I have no interest in working with supers. High mortality rate and severely deformed hatchlings is not what I aspire to and for those that make it with minor issues I don’t see the point to breed them to give them away or keep them as pets (I don"t believe in selling deformed animals)


@stewart_reptiles I was wondering if you may know The answer to my question, as to your discussion on duckbill issues. Is It a severity of the duckbill defect. I notice while watching a YouTube video from a known breeder/youtuber, while he was showing his collection. Most :snake:had snouts that looked liked the got chopped off! Short stubby like pig nose. From the white :snake:to dark :snake:. The issues was throughout most of the collection and he was showing the :snake: like they look great no problem! Granted, I have seen the pig snout look around but with this specific breeder, it was just so prevalent! Thank you and be safe! :mask:What is it? Lol