Super Dwarf Enclosure sizes

OK. Here’s the deal. I have been looking more and more at this super dwarf platinum retic youngster. And the more I look, the more that I want. I have spoken via message with the breeder and he said that the dame is 10’ and the sire is 8’. And I know that there is no firm way to know how long this guy will become. But I feel like I can handle an 8 or 9’ snake.

So here are a few of my primary concerns. Feeding frequency and prey item, as well as enclosure size. He will become a part of our animal classes as he grows up, too. Would that be a good idea? I don’t really want a snake that I can’t let kids touch.


I’m getting the impression that a 6x2x2 is good for males, while females do best in 8x2x2s. Given that you can expect a snake to grow to around 10’ when the dame is 10’ or so, I’d go with the larger option. Not an expert though. Keep in mind that with mixed-genetics SDs (those with some mainland blood) size is going to be somewhat variable. I’ve seen 12 - 14’ SDs, as well as 5 footers which could be compared to a small carpet python.


What it really comes down to is the fact that he is a male retic…and they get hormonal during breeding season. And especially with him being a high percentage dwarf/super dwarf, he’s going to be more temperamental then a full blooded mainland. Yeah, I don’t know, retics are faster moving and can be reactive to their environments. I’ve seen it done, but those animals tend to be full blooded mainlands. Maybe @tommccarthy has some insight to offer you on that.


That’s awesome to hear @spottedbull I am going to tell you first hand that @lumpy in my opinion is 1000% correct! My around 6year old 87.5% kalotoa sd the rest is pure mainland is hard to measure I’d say 6 1/2- 7 1/2’ is still hormonal to me right now! He is fast and very bitey at the moment, to the point where I can’t trust him at all right now! Had him since hatchling, always has been a slightly flighty guy, but never struck or bit me before. On the other hand my mainland female, over 14’ easy is the biggest puppy ever! I trust her around dogs kids other snakes never an issue. For class and kids I would suggest a female sd, just for the possible hormonal changes in attitude. I know it may be closer to 10’ range but they are much slimmer then a 7’ boa! Retics are amazing, you would really enjoy it, I am sure! At first you can keep a baby in a 32q 3-6 months a 41q size then, when older and bigger, depending on size and how it reacts to a lot of space a 4x2 to a 6x2 should be good. As for feeding, I do weekly when baby to around a year, slightly larger then their body size wise, then after a year every other week, same size. You can also go bigger prey item size after about 2 years, like a small rabbit once a month if you want. I have a jaguar female who is over 3 years not even 8’ and slim and she is no percentage sd at all! You really have to try to make a HUGE snake with frequent feeding and larger prey items in my opinion. I have seen 12’ mainland females over 6 years old so they aren’t all crazy big. Here is a recent pic of the jaguar female in my hand so you can see how slender she is! Keep us posted on this exciting news!


Thats awesome information. Definitely will start looking for a female instead. And that girl is beauty!


Thanks! I’m excited for you! :+1:


@spottedbull Oh my goodness it could not happen to a nicer guy and I love you David but I am soooooo jealous of you! :joy: And @banereptiles Nathan you know I love you but I am sooooooo jealous of you too! :joy:. That girl is BEAUTIFUL!

Seriously David this is amazing news and I am so happy for you and your Mrs! And yeah definitely a female, especially for your future plans! I can’t wait to see what you find!

This makes me so happy! I love it when good things happen to people!!! :clap::pray::heart:


Well this project is currently on hold. Basically we are going to just go with the two boas we have for our larger snake in our classes. As much as I would love an SD retic, its just not working out at the moment. But it is something we will revisit in the future. No matter how I rearrange the reptile room, I am just about out of space for larger enclosures.