Super Excited about this SuperDwarf/Dwarf pairing

25% Kalaotoa SD, 37.5% Jampea Dwarf Lavender het Avery x 37.5% Kalaotoa SD, 25% Jampea Dwarf Platinum Anery Goldenchild poss het Purple.

Bring on those pearly whites!


Beautys…Good luck hopefully nice healthy babies soon.

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@cold-heartedexotics Super super nice pair there!!! How big are those guys?


The dam is about 11 feet. The sire is a bit bigger at around 13 feet


My pair is reverse my female is way bigger than my male! How old are they? Is this the first time you paired them? Golden Child is my favorite retic gene. Keep us posted on these guys! Would love to see there offspring. Awesome pairing!!! :fire: :fuelpump:

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The male was born 2013 and is a proven breeder. Made a beautiful clutch with a different female in 2019.

Female was born in 2014 and has laid a clutch in the past but the eggs weren’t good. The male that was used was kept too hot so he was temporality sterile (he has since sired a clutch)