Super Fire prices

A standard Fire BCI with no added genes is currently only a couple hundred dollars on MM. Why Super Fires a few grand when you have a chance of producing them by breeding 2 relatively inexpensive boas together (Fire x Fire)? Am I missing something?

Because for several years you have to feed, house, and then successfully breed them. Boas take at least four years to get up to breeding size, fifth year usually is the best bet. All of that is assuming that you don’t have any health problems and neither of your snakes dies. I just spent four years raising a female hypo het Sunglow only for it to develop a mass and die from cancer right before I tried to breed it.

Just buying two fires doesn’t guarantee you can make a super and even if it works it will take years.


I haven’t quite looked into the BCI market and genetics…but it’s typically the same as it works out for genes in other species, but I could be wrong in this…

You can also add in the fact that all of the offspring of a super fire will be fire as well…so it’s factoring in how much easier it is to produce more down the line as well.
And sometimes the age of the animal is an additional consideration to prices. Is it a breeding female vs a newborn that will take 4 years to get to size.

Eventually the prices drop. It just takes time and another more interesting gene usually. Lol