Super Fire question?

Hey all!

Had a quick question. Does anyone know if the Super Fire morph can develop yellow as it ages, or would I have to get one that already shows yellow otherwise it’ll stay white? From my understanding it’s the latter. Thanks!

I do not work with fire or any fire complex animals currently. My answer is only by observation. No extra yellow will develop. The super fires with any yellow or yellow patches have always been present. I believe the yellow gets less intense as the animal ages. If it is all white it will stay that way.

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Thank you!

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I have a super fire girl that has… not a lot of yellow on her, but a fair few spots/patches. Got her as a hatchling and honestly, nowadays, unless I’m looking for them I don’t tend to notice them too quickly. They’ve definitely gone down in color. Hold on, let me see if I can get some older pictures and a new one together as a comparison.

You can definitely see them way easier in natural light (to be honest I forgot she had that many spots because I don’t take her out much), so if you’re wanting one that’s all white than I wouldn’t necessarily count out the ones that have just a tiny spot of patch because it does fade quite a bit over time.

Was hoping to find a better picture of her as a hatchling, but the only one I can find is this one (not the best, pretty sure the rest never got backed up when I switched phones):

A year(?) ago:

Just a bit ago (they’re easier to see in person):

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Oh thank you so much for those pictures!! Really helps see things clearer, sometimes pictures can mislead. She’s beautiful. :slight_smile:

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No problem! They’re a bit hard to photograph sometimes with my lighting, but when you look at her in person they’re a bit easier to see. Still no where near as vibrant though when I first got her, which honestly, didn’t know that could happen until I went looking back at old photos and was like “huh, I thought those looked different.” xD

And thank you! I’ve been debating on whether or not I want to go with a super fire male for her, because I love how these guys look, or stick with the GHI route I’m trying to do for my whole group.

Yeah, I think ball python colors fade out in general as they age. I’m not great at morphs at all, I just wanted a white snake that was chill (already have a milk) so ball python came to mind. I knew blue eyed leucistics were a thing, but I didn’t realize those also existed with black eyes! Both are beautiful, but I like darker eyes on most things in general. :’)

I think both would be super cool, but you should do whatever you like best. :slight_smile: Again, I’m not great at morphs or the market! I can say though that people love white snakes.

They’re pretty cool, though I’ve got plans down the way to have a bel of some fashion. And yeah, when I first got her I was still pretty new to some of the morphs, so I kind of assumed the patches would “brown out” and become more of a khaki/tan color rather than the yellow. Would have loved to see how that would look, but I’m happy with how she turned out.

Oh I’ll definitely end up going with both eventually! xD Just debating on what gets added to the group first. Not in any hurry though. :blush:

As for the all white super fires, they do tend to sell out pretty quickly, but sometimes you can find some with little spots near the tail, or a single splotch or dot. Just comes down to personal preference on how much yellow you’re okay with. I think if I add a male to my group I would probably go with a no white one, just to have an example of both.

This is fun to see how my Finnley will grow up. He has the very faintest hints of yellow on a few spots, but overall he appears All White type, even in person. Which is what I wanted, so I love his look. If he’ll only lighten with age, wonderful! He’s got the cutest little “whiter on white” doily/snowflake spot on the back of his neck, and it’s adorable.

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Sulfur Fire and Super Sulfurs have a lot of yellow that stays bright with age.

Sibling from an earlier clutch


Wow that adult is incredible! I think it is better then the baby.