Super GHI BELs

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen a Super GHI Blue-Eyed Lucy (specifically a Lesser Mojave BEL)? After seeing what Super GHI can do to both Mojave and Lesser genes, I am really curious to see if it’s powerfull enough to break through the BEL wash out of other genes (similar to Leopard breaking through Ivory). All of the occurrences of BELs I looked up on MM were all “Possible Super GHI”

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It looks like a bel. Blue eyed Lucy is going to cover all over traits no matter what they are. Only way I could see it working like leopard ivories is if you did like super ghi mystic potion/crystal.


I will caveat what @saleengrinch said. With things like SuperLesser or Lesser/Mojave, yes, they will remain all-white. However, for the “dirty” BluELs like SuperPhantom or MysticPotion or the like, the SuperGHI will probably have an influence; complete dorsal stripe, pattern reduction, a degree more pigmentation, etc.