Super Gravel or Highway?

I breed pastel highway to pastel highway and its my first time to breed highway combos so its hard for me to identify Highway combos and super gravel combos what do u think about this two babies


Have they shed yet? They gain a lot of color after shedding so it’s ideal to wait for identification after that.

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First is Highway Pastel.

Second is harder to say. Let it shed and get a more flattened out pic. But tentatively I think it is also Highway Pastel

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thaks a lot ! i added another post with my new photo after shedding !

this is a baby from pastel highway x pastel highway
i think first girl is pastel highway or super pastel highway but im confused with second girl which i think is pastel highway or pastel super gravel. what do u guys think ?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

this girl and


Seeing the second one flattened out, I think it might be the SuperGravel. The dorsal is a bit thicker and more broken up with more prominent bleed downs that the other one

I had the same trouble figuring this one out lol I guess I’ve been really in hopes of a super gravel :neutral_face:


This definitely looks like super gravel

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