Super Mojave colors changing?

She’s turning a light yellow on the top and I read a few times that this could be a sign of a problem? But most “sources” also say it’s natural in bels sometimes. She’s also starting to show brown on the tips of some scales in multiple places, is this also normal?

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Super Mojave’s are more yellowy as one the “dirtier” bels


This right here

SuperMojave develop a yellow overcast to them as they age (all BluELs do, actually, but it is quite prominent in SuperMojave)


I agree with the colour change, I have a few BELS and they have changed a bit.

But I am not sure about the last picture with the marks, (especially the one on the neck.)
could it have been damaged in the hide or something? I haven’t see that type of change except when one of mine got a bit squashed in their hide.
I removed the hide and the markes went.

Any other opinions on this picture?

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I think she just had a rough shed, the shed spot is just a patch I hadn’t taken off yet. I believe the “damage” might have been too, as one of them was shed stuck at just the tip of the scale. I’ve put some moss in the bedding I’m using to try and keep humidity up