"Super" of dominant genes pictures?

Hey y’all! This is just a curiosity question for me. For those of you who have proven supers of dominant genes (I’m thinking leopard and pinstripe), would you be willing to share photos of them? I know that it’s always said there is no visual difference in the het form vs homozygous, but I came across a picture a couple of days ago of a super pinstripe that absolutely looked like what I would expect from a super pin - incredibly reduced with hardly any pattern. I’ve tried looking on MM but the way the search works it’s impossible to just find supers. Just curious to see if anyone here would be willing to share pictures of the visual expression of proven super pinstripe or super leopard animals!


Here’s a super pin currently listed in Mm


Here’s a suspected super leopard. Producing 2 clutches with all leopard.


Didn’t realize until just now that you can actually test for leopard in balls already. I didn’t know that test was out.


Yeah, they released the leopard test a few weeks back. I have a possible super leopard girl I plan to get tested.

I don’t know if that pinstripe is the same animal I saw, but it definitely looks significantly more reduced than I would expect from a single gene pinstripe…


This is my possible super leopard girl. I’ll post back when I’m able to get her results!

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I agree, it does seem significant reduced, I guess I just have a hard time chalking it up to anything other than standard variation, but at the same time I see where you’re coming from.

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It definitely could be standard variation, but I just feel like I’ve seen very few pictures of supers of dominant genes, and I wonder if there is something visual there consistently.

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