Super Pastel Butter Spider Female, What would you breed her to

Hey there guys!

So im a youngster starting out and I have found myself a beautiful Super Pastel Butter Spider (Pos Vanilla)

What gene combo would you suggest for the male ?

For some reason im pulled towards Enchi although i did find this boy “Pastel Orange Dream Disco Het Clown” but he is exspensive :smiley:

I look forward too your suggestions !

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A black-eyed leucistic complex animal would complement your animals genes well and would prove whether or not there is vanilla in there. Examples include fire, vanilla, disco and sulfur.


If it were me, I would go with an Orange Dream Yellowbelly or super orange dream yellowbelly

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thank you @westridge

only 1 available in SA morph market

I have a girl similar to that. When she’s ready I’m planning on pairing her to a leopard pinstripe.

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