Super Pastel Lesser breeding suggestions?

Hello all! I’m new to the breeding world and still learning the details on genetics and different morphs when it comes to ball pythons.

Last year I bought a male Super Pastel Lesser BP. He’s growing great and though I know breeding is many years out and I wanted to find him a nice female to start future breeding projects with and raise up. There are a few combos I’ve been looking into, but I wanted to know the opinion of the community.

What are some morphs you like that use his genes in combo? And what are your suggestions? Thanks~

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What do you have in mind so far?

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So far in my considerations are
Mojave or super Mojave, I do like the BEL morph a lot but I like a lot of different morphs as well. Pinstripe, Banana or Black Pastel. I was thinking there are probably a lot of cool morphs that I just don’t know about, I definitely want to get other peoples opinions, especially since I’m new to the genetics ^^

enchi/GHI yellow belly
blackhead calico
Those are a couple options, considering the sheer number of morphs it might be easier to do a search on MM putting pastel and lesser into the filter select all instead of for sale and look through the list to see what appeals to you. If you have the opportunity go to a reptile show and see some of the combos in person, pictures do not always do some combos justice. I found a lot of the ghost combos and black pastel banana combos underwhelming until I saw them in person.

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You should get a female pastel clown so you can get super pastel lesser het clowns then mate them to each other and to mom then get some super pastel lesser clowns.

This is a long term project but definitely worth it.

All offspring will be pastel, so anything that has pastel can give you super pastels. If you dont like the freckling on banana I believe super pastel will eliminate them.


Since all the offspring will be pastel, consider what works well with pastel in your opinion. For example, although I love pastels and pinstripes, personally I’m just not a fan of lemonblasts, so I don’t usually pair my pinstripe male with any of my pastel girls.

IMO pastel combos really well with fire and vanilla, because both of those really brighten up the colors and reduce brown-out. You might also consider leopard, calico/sugar, or the super stripe complex morphs.

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