Super Pastel vs Pastel hypo

Having some problems when it comes to differentiating between super pastel and pastel hypo. I have read in a few places that hypos will produce “clean” sheds and have noticed this somewhat in my older animals too. Is this a reliable way of spotting a hypo?

Thanks guys!

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Do you have photos of your snakes?
It depends on the snake as some of the lighter ones can have patterns that are really hard to tell on the sheds.

On a true hypo, the shed will have no patterning at all. The colors will also be more muted on the darks, almost appearing like how other snakes look while ‘in blue’.

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Hypos will always shed a patternless shed. You can’t go off a hatchlings first shed, but the sheds after are good to use for identifying. If you catch one while the shed is still damp and stretch it our and let it dry, you can see very clearly there is no pattern.


I put pictures here. Have had some input from here and some from elsewhere and there are some conflicting ID’s. Just trying to be as accurate as humanly possible before i start making them available.

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