Super pinstripe?

Is Super Pinstripe an actual gene? Because morphmarket lists pinstripe as dominant, but also has a Super Pinstripe gene tag.


The problem with super pinstripe is that it is impossible to tell from a single gene pinstripe. Much like talks about the super leopard.
A few of the larger reputable breeders have had animals that will throw leopard or pinstripe in every offspring similar to super pastel having all pastels.

Remember a lot of ball python genetics aren’t really understood the way that we think they are. Just look at the new info on desert Ghost actually being polygenic. New discoveries all the time


Pinstripe could still have a super, even if it’s dominant, it would just look the same visually. The existence of a super pinstripe would have to be proven out by breeding (if 100% of the offspring are pinstripe) or through genetic testing


Pinstripe absolutely does have a “super” (aka homozygous) form, as being a dominant gene doesn’t mean the animal can only have one copy, it just means the full phenotypical change is seen with one copy of the gene. So as other folks have said, the only way to properly ID super pinstripe, super leopard, etc. is through breeding trials that show 100% of offspring have the dominant trait, or potentially genetic testing but I don’t believe pinstripe is one of the available genes at this point.

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@inspirationexotics says but… do we really need genetic testing?
Surely we would have had plenty of evidence by now. Those morphs have been around for ages, for example wouldn’t super pin produce all pins in many examples, provide multiple evidence for a super form by now ?
If they haven’t, maybe something else is in play

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Genetic testing was suggested as a way to know because we now have shed tests for some morphs and new tests are coming out regularly. Right now it’s mainly recessives, but we do have enchi and black pastel tests. If/When in the future we have pinstripe tests, we can shed test potential super pins and the tests will show if they’re heterozygous (regular pin) or homozygous (“super” pin).

“Super” pinstripes have been made and produce 100% pins, but the supers don’t have a special look, they look exactly like regular pins. Super in this case just means homozygous (they have 2 copies of the pin gene instead of just 1)


Pinstripe most likely does have a “Super Form,” but it probably looks the same as a single-gene Pinstripe.
Just like a Super Leopard. There are Super Leopard’s, but you can’t really tell the difference between a Super from the single gene form.

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