Super Snow Leopard Gecko Hatchlings?

Anyone have examples of what a super snow hatchling looks like.
I had an egg hatch that I was expecting a super snow out of. Dad is a Hypo Mack Snow and female is a Gem Snow. From my reading Gem Snows can be crossed with other Snows.
Dad is also het Murphy Patternless. But What I hatched is not what I expected. Looks albino? If so both parents would have to be het for the same line? Tell me your thoughts!


It’s an albino for sure. Snow or super snow, at this age I’m unsure.


those aren’t super snows.

Thats a freshly hatched super snow.


Thank you! I knew it didn’t look like what I had seen as a super snow hatchling, which is why I posted. Dad is for sure a Hypo Mack Snow, he is Het for Murphy patternless and I have hatched Mack Snow And Murphy patternless babies out of him and another female. This was my first try for super snows And first with this female and I literally don’t know what I’m looking at. :woman_facepalming:t2:
If it’s an albino I have no idea what line and am super surprised that male and female would carry the same line of albino knowingly.

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Yes, I don’t like surprise hets. I do a lot of searching to find what I want. I searched for 4 years to get wy no hets. My mack snows no hets but one of them and its het eclipse. Most are het tremper but unless you have full genetics of parents, its just a mystery for sure which one. Its not good to mix different albino strains. Also not good to mix the different snow lines. I have 3 snow lines: mack, tug and Gem. Snows are my favorite morph. I also have dreamsicles and super snow enigma.


Thanks for the tips!
So I will probably find this baby a pet home ideally and then work on bettering my breeding stock. I started geckos with cresties which we still breed and cresties are all phenotype traits so big worries of hets etc lol


I have one that I ordered from a breeder as a Chocolate Albino and she looks just like that one. She doesn’t look like the other chocolate albinos either

I really don’t think Chocolate albino is really a new morph. I think it was from an incubator that ran too hot and it was coined Chocolate. Probably a Tremper albino.

The term “Chocolate” can be used for any Tremper Albino that is particularly dark. And yes, this coloration is theorized to be caused not by genetics but by incubation temperature.