Supplemental heat + UVB for baby cresties & gargs enclosures?

We have 4 young geckos in growing enclosures, and unfortunately our downstairs room where our reptiles are kept is roughly 68 or so. So room temp wont work for these guys!

We need to add Supplemental heat, and we need to give them a UVB! I know most folks say they dont need it, but we’ve noticed loads of changes and improvements to our reptiles by using it. And we definitly want to keep using it, even for the babies!

Our issue is that the enclosures we have are from Gecko Junkie, and are 12 x 12 x 18. They only have a small inset ontop that could maybe fit a nano heat emitter.
But how would we add UVB?

Or what would be the best way to add both? Mounting inside I feel like would pose too much of a risk, but there isnt enough room ontop to add both.

I was hoping for some suggestions!


What species of gecko?

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2 Gargyle and 2 Crested Gecko!

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Do you have any pictures of the enclosures?

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I don’t own any New Caledonian species (@foxreptile and @ghoulishcresties are two of the folks frequently on here that know much more than I do), but I’m relatively certain that no heating element should be used with them without a reliable thermostat. Does everyone else agree?

I think where you would place the additional items would depend heavily on what the enclosures look like and how you have placed all the terrarium decor, etc. I’m not familiar with the brand, so I agree with @foxreptile that photos from several angles would help.


I agree, I do not believe any lighting or heating should be inside an enclosure unless caged off with extra room between light/heat and the cage. Which is a huge waste of space (usually) esp considering geckos require more height than width.

But I really have no clue what the enclosure is so can’t comment on any ideas until have more info ideally pics and dimensions


Defo need to see enclosures!


I don’t have one of my set up as i’m still trying to figure out how exactly to do it, but this is the enclosure!

I don’t have one set up since i’m still trying to figure out the best/safest way to do it, but this is the enclosure!

I definitly don’t use any heating without thermostats! I have a couple ready; i’m just not sure how or what to use to heat!

Here’s the enclosure I have! Mine isnt quite set up yet since i’m trying to figure out the safest / best option!

Definitely agreed; that’s why i’m in such a stuck position right now honestly. And with geckos, im extra nervous putting stuff inside because…whats going to stop them from jumping onto the lighting/heating? I usually always put it on top.

BUT there isnt room to put both on top :frowning:

This is the one I have! Mine isnt quite set up yet since im not sure how to set it up safely! But it should have all the specs and pics of multiple angles!

The mesh will stop uv fully going through, will cut it down a lot, you’re going to need a higher uv, you couldn’t use a shade dweller.
A dome would work, but you need a higher uv % bulb! As that mesh is going to cut it right down.

The uv will give off enough light with the viv being smaller.

And that will raise temp slightly also, could attach a heat matt to the vivs if not at the correct temps still.


This definitely helps, thanks.

I’d replace the pvc lid with mesh as UV will not pass through. So if you’re keeping it as fully pvc you will not be able to use UV

As said above, dome might be best for UV option, should you change it to mesh,

Heat mats look to be your best option for heat, however you may require it on 2 sides as doesn’t warm the ambient temperature, just the touch area. I know you said 68, is this night or day? You may only require heat at night. As said above the UV will warm up the enclosure during the day.

With my Geckos, I usually use a heat mat on one side and have an oil filled radiator as I have several geckos to heat and this is the most efficient way for me.

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If you look through the pics the centre top comes off so there’s a mesh panel :grin:

So it is :sweat_smile: I saw the pvc edge along that part and thought it was all pvc :person_facepalming:

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Yeah absolutely; I ordered some mesh inserts from the same company (since they make some specially to fit the removable panels)! I thought that might solve my UVB issue. I just wasn’t quite sure about how to get an extra few degrees of heat!

for dome UVB; what would be the best bulb? All the research i’ve done says to use strips, so all of my guys have T5s, and I haven’t properly looked into dome UVB!

I’ll definitly try the heat pad method if the UVB doesn’t bump it! Yeah, our room’s usual temp is between 66 + 68 since we’re downstairs. So I know most geckos dont need heat, BUT sadly we have to LOL

Also! Thank you so much! I had no idea you could do that! I’ll definitly be using that in the future! :joy:

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Because it’s mesh a strip won’t work well at all. A dome would be best but you will need a higher % bulb.

A bulb unfortunately Isn’t going to be as good as T5. So unless you want to use a different viv you’re not going to get a great uv some bulb :smiling_face_with_tear:

Man, that’s what I thought. I’m starting to think these vivs are kinda a waste of money :')
BUT its alright; they’re temp set ups anyway. I’ll get a good heat pad set up and a dome UVB and that will at least last until their glass 12 x 12s are ready! Those at least have bigger mesh LOL