Surch changers in the UK

My previous UK searches are sometimes going europe wide with the new search engine algorithmic thing.
e,g. previous saved UK search givers europe too- Ball Pythons For Sale - MorphMarket Europe - MorphMarket
What am I doing wrong?
Im not an anti europe, I love europe, but I just want local.
For a USA equivalent, its like you search for USA But get also south america or other states with more difficalt delivery and laws

I’m not sure I’m following Barry,

Can you add some screenshots of your issue?

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It looks like a new format it poping up sometimes. When it does it changes from the UK to europe

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Yep Barry, we just took the leap and killed off the old search :muscle:

We can begin to move forward at full throttle now.

You can change it using the “Location” filter to the right of your screenshot. Or is that not working?

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Thanks. I change the location and will set up a new link