Surprise! Baby orbweavers

A week ago, after collecting leaf litter for my isopods, I found some weird fuzzy thing on one of the leaves. So naturally I started to poke at and dissect it. And then spiders came out. And I realized it was a spider egg sac! @huttonia on iNaturalist identified them as orbweavers (araneidae).

I thought this would be a cool opportunity to raise some slings, and then when they grow up they can be identified further. Yesterday, they came out of the egg sac and started making webs.

I got some photos today through a dissection microscope. I think they look very cool


Oh my goodness they are so creepy and cute! Poor little guy is smaller than its food.


Right? That fruit fly is probably so embarassed :joy:


They’re so tiny and cute! :heart_eyes: What a fun little surprise. Those pictures with the microscope are awesome! Love the one with the “giant” fruit fly. :joy: They do look like some sort of orb weaver to me, though I’m hardly an expert. I’m sure they’ll be easier to identify once they get a little bigger.

I hope you’ll keep us posted on this project and share more pictures as they grow! I just love baby spiders, and orb weavers have always been a favourite of mine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s a fun project you’ve got yourself! I love that you are keeping them to watch and learn and share. :heart:


I’ve been finding itty bitty exoskeletons at the bottom of their enclosure! Here’s one I picked up with a paintbrush

Also I think I saw some cannibalism so. I just ordered some little plastic containers to separate them all into. Will update when I do that


My little cups arrived yesterday so I separated them in a process that took probably 2.5 hours (including poking air holes). Final count is 71 babies. 5 got eaten, and at least one escaped during separation.

This was a lot of work lol but pretty fun! Now i know what to expect when I breed baby jumpers in the future.


Wow that really puts their size into perspective! They are so stinkin cute. Thank you for including us on your journey.