Surprise Crestie Eggs!

So, I went to the recent Show Me Snakes expo in Nashville, TN, and ended up coming home with 4 crested geckos.

I was told by the breeder that I purchased one of my adult females from, that she had been with a male and may be gravid. She’s currently housed with my other adult female, in a good sized tub. They have plenty of fake plants to hide in, as well as a moist hide.

I kinda forgot, but sure enough when I went to clean out their enclosure today…

I found two eggs. Both are fertile and candled with little red circles in them. I have since messaged the breeder to ask what male she was paired with, so I know what to expect with the babies.

I had to do some last-minute research on incubation, but I got them set up in a little deli cup with some 50/50 water and perilite, and fired back up my incubator and set it to 75°F-76°F. Good thing I had just finished hatching out my ball pythons for the season!


congrats on your luck on getting a gravid female and that your incubator was free to hatch them lol

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Thanks! I also have a Reptibator that I used to hatch my hognose eggs last season, so if anything I could have used that as well ahah

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So exciting❤ keep us updated!!

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I did notice holes in your deli cup, I would suggest using a deli cup that does not have any and then using a needle to put one small hole in the cup.

Yeah, I am aware it has holes. I’ll have to see if I can find a better container to put them in, I just grabbed what I could find for the time being. Until then, I’ll just check on them periodically to be sure they don’t dry out.

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Let us know when you find out what genetics the hatchlings will probably be.


Update: I couldn’t find any deli cups without holes, so I opted to tape up a few of the holes on the one I have them in, only leaving 2 open so there’s less ventilation. I’ll still check in on them periodically to make sure they’re doing okay.

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I can’t wait to see them!! :joy:

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Good deal! If you have a dollar tree where you live they have little sandwhich containers that work great as well :blush:


Not to hijack the thread but what sandwich containers do you use? I had my first set of crestie eggs a month ago and put them in a cup similar to OP’s and they dried out :sleepy:

Did you put the eggs on an incubation medium, I know that they’ll dry out if too much air circulation or not any incubation medium. As long as the container’s airtight and you only put 1 or 2 small holes in it then they shouldn’t dry out.

Yes they were on vermiculite. But it felt dry and the eggs were dried out. I incubate my leopard gecko eggs in the same cups but those are in the incubator at 88 degrees and I never had a drying out issue. So I think I need less air circulation. I’ve been breeding snakes for a few years so I was like “ok no big deal I can do cresties” and then I killed my eggs and was devastated. I will do less holes next time.