Surprise! WTH?

What do you see here?


Leopard Clown and an Albino Clown?


One of your parents had an unknown recessive gene?

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I’m second guessing both because both should be impossible from this

Both parents being het are a surprise to me…not to mention the spontaneous “leopard”.

That’s very odd. May I ask the pairing that produced them? I know random albinos can pop up at times even without hets, but that chance is very very rare. And if neither were leopard that’s even more odd.


Can we see pictures of the parents and then more of the babies when they come out?

Black Pastel het Clown

Pastel Clown male. Now that I look more closely at him he does have the spots.


The sire does look different from other pastel clowns I’ve seen. Still doesn’t explain the albino you hatched out.
Could be the dam and sire came from poss het albinos and when that happens, they can still carry the albino gene but people never list it because it’s less than 50% het albino.
Very interesting none the less.

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They’ve only been paired with each other since hatching. This is their 4th clutch for me with a total of around 28 eggs.

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So then technically, is this a new albino line?


Ok now that’s just totally odd. I have no idea man lol, that has my brain rattled now.

I’m thinking that maybe one of the parents is het for albino and the second allele could be a de novo mutation? Or possibly a duplication event genetically.

Is only one of the babies albino?


Wow that’s a great surprise!

Yeah I could be wrong but I’m seeing leopard in the sire. Sometimes leopard can be low expression so it may just look like a slightly different clown

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1/28 is only 2.8%. My initial thought was that both parents are het albino but that should yield 25%, pretty far off from 2.8%. Though unlikely it is possible your odds have simply been poor with this pairing thus far. That may be more likely than a new spontaneous line of albino. Either way, super fun stuff! Can’t wait to see more of it and whether he/she proves compatible with previous albino bloodlines.


Not sure if I am more shocked by the results or the fact that this is not a Pied related pairing :wink: :rofl:

Definitely a nice surprise.


Well, now I have another triple het project to take



That is sooooo cool! I never get Good problems like this. In 28 eggs you should have seen this if was there before this clutch. So bizarre