Switch to F/T

Ive got all but 1 of my BPs feeding F/T now, i almost had her take one, but i made the mistake of feeding her first, so by the time i finished feeding the others, she had spit it out. I used the bag trick for the last 3 holdouts and only she did not eat.

Its been a few weeks, so im gonna have to give her a couple live so she doesnt starve herself out, but getting 18 BPs to switch to F/T over the course of 3 weeks is something i can feel happy about, considering how notoriously picky they can be haha. She isnt looking like shes about to starve, and she is still plenty active, but i dont want to wait until its a problem only to find out she wont take live either.

Pic of the last one to accept safe food.


Have you tried stimulating that the food is still alive when she takes it? I mean like using the tongs (after she’s wrapped and coiled) to shake the mouse slightly to simulate it that it is dying?


It looks like you made a lot of progress switching them. I personally think you would be fine not feeding until she takes f/t.

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The mouse scares her. Shes just runs from it. I do use tongs to try and attract her attention, but inly once did she ever grab it. It wasnt a strike, she just reluctantly grabbed and wrapped it, then decided, nah, people are watching. She has made no attempt since. Figured the bag trick may work since sight is removed from the picture and so it is only heat sense and smell that she can use. Worked like a dream for my other holdouts, but she wasnt having it.

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My only hesitarion is its been 3-4 weeks. She had a good start so is still OK for weight, but she is young, so i dont push the limits without noticing.

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That sounds good, if you’re not in any rush to get her switched I think you can feed live.

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My main concern is ending up with another Mr. Noodle. He eats once a blue moon, and only prey that is far too small. Somehow maintains weight. He is an enigma.