Swollen lower third of body hatching ball python

Hatched this pied out in June has only eaten twice so far. I’ve notice a swollen blueish looking area now. Just wondered if anyone has ever had this problem or has any suggestions thank you

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To me it kinda looks like it’s gotta poop, but that’s just seeing the “sausage butt” appearance.

I’d try giving it a soak in a shallow tub of lukewarm water, to see if that encourages a bowel movement.

I have one boy I hatched out that doesn’t poop very often, and will usually look bloated in his back end before he finally goes.


Just got done soaking her im gonna wait it out hopefully that all it is. There is a hard white looking lump near the bottom too.

The white lump is probably urates!
Urates are usually a hard chalky substance.

I’ve also gently palpated my male I mentioned to encourage him to defecate, it usually worked but would sometimes take forever lol
Edit: just make sure you don’t squeeze your snake like a go-gurt tube (pretty sure someone posted about doing that on these forums awhile back :joy:)


Ok thanks for your help i appreciate it

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Just as Holly said, it is just a poop. It can help if you encourage the dedication but most importantly make sure that they’re drinking to lessen the risk of prolapse.

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