T+ albino -Nicaraguan [DONE]

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Current information
Species: Boa imperator
Name of Gene: t+ Nicaraguan

Problems: Any problems?

You have albino t+ CA listed which isn’t a morph but covered a dozen or so T+ Albino morphs from Central America.

People are sometime using this term to mean Nicaraguan t+.

The listings have the other localities listed correctly and it would be good to have the Nicaraguan line listed right.

Would it be possible to change the albino CA to Albino Nicaraguan or list it correctly in the calculator?

Sometimes people will write CA t+ and when you ask if it’s Nicaraguan they will say no and say it’s something else or that they don’t know.

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Well. Guess the best thing to do would be to create tags for each of these dozen or so T+ Albinos, that would help make listings more specific, right?

So what do we need to add other than T+ Nicaraguan ?

By the looks of it most of the other locality or line names have been added.

There are a couple that could be added.

There is the Nicaraguan t+ sometime listed as CA albino as I’ve mentioned which just causes confusion when used in conversation. That could be listed as Albino Nicaraguan t+ Burke/Stone.

There is also the TSK T+ Albino that is also Nicaraguan but looks very different. (From TSK)

There is also the McPhee t+ (From Robert McPhee line of T+ ‘Bob’s Boas) his line looks very similar to the TSK T+ Nicaraguan line but hasn’t been confirmed if it’s the same. People are using his line name for his t+ line.

One more Nicaraguan line is from Richard Delbono at Da Vinci Boas which he called Platinum T+ Nicaraguan.

Desert t+ is on the list but doesn’t have any name against it.

Desert T+ is another line of T+ albino that Scott Seavy stumbled upon back in 2004. Its believed it came from a Hog island x Snow pairing and somehow created the Desert T+ albinos, which have been perfected by Da Vinci Boas. Worth speaking to Richard Delbono on that one.

Caramel is on the list although it’s just another name for BWC which is also on there. (Founder: Sharon Moore)

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Ideally Id be happy with a Albino Nicaraguan as the UK and EU use that term all the time.

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So what we are adding is:

  • Name

    • Aliases (other terms you can use in the MorphMarket search engine)
  • Albino (Nicaraguan)

    • Nic T+
    • Nicaraguan T+
    • Burke Albino
    • Stone Albino
  • Albino (TSK)

    • TSK Nic
    • TSK Albino
    • TSK Nicaraguan
    • TSK T+
  • Ablino (McPhee)

    • McPhee T+
    • McFee Albino
    • McFee Nic
    • McFee Nicaraguan
  • Albino (Platinum)

    • Platinum T+
    • Platinum Albino
    • Platinum Nic
    • Platinum Nicaraguan

Ps please come and help out on the Morphpedia pages for boas!


Check TSK - one of the above is misspelt.

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Don’t forget compatability. Do all those lines mix? I’m not sure, as I’m just starting to dip my toes in the boa infested waters, but I thought the TSK T+ was not compatible with the CA T+?

Someone far more knowledgeable than me will need to check the alias lists. You don’t want incompatible lines listed together.

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They should all be listed on there own as not many want to cross the t+ lines and to be totally honest a lot of people claiming lines have not crossed them to find out!

However I can say:

Phil Calvert crossed Honduran t+ to a motley t+ blonde in 2013 and produced visual t+ proving them to be compatible.

Honduran t+ is compatible with Costa Rican t+.
But not with Nicaraguan.

Lindy T+ is a pure Costa Rican T+. They have been found to be compatible with the Booth line of Costa Rican t+’s and Honduran t+‘s.

Platinum T+ Nicaraguan is compatible with Nicaraguan Burke/Stone line.

TSKt+ Nicaraguan was dna tested by Dr. Warren Booth and found to be distinctly different than the other lines. I don’t know if they are compatible with other lines.

Blonde t+ is sometimes called Maxx Caramel, some times called Russian t+, zigzag t+, and even sometimes Belarusian blonde.

There is also another one not mentioned:

  • Sigma T+ Javier Soto produced a litter of t+ sigma from a wild caught pair in 2021

  • Tyson T+ Founded by Christine Grayson after pairing two boas she obtained via a pet shop. The project was sold to Peter Rice. It is unknown if these are compatible with any other t+ line.


We like you… we like you a lot! Please stick around!


I’ve a load of notes and stories kicking about on a lot of the older stuff. :grimacing:

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On the morph calculator there still isn’t a Nicaraguan t+

However T+ Central American is Nicaraguan.
It seems all the different t+ Nicaraguan are compatible.

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We’ve not yet got around to this batch of trait updates due to the release of new features such as the MorphMarket Events… But we will do soon enough :slightly_smiling_face: