Tadpole ID help

I visited a nice wild life sanctuary yesterday! Was very nice place, we didn’t go too far in on the trails cause I got distracted exploring every small fallen log

I didn’t find too much in the herping aspect but I did find a really big group of tadpoles! But I’m terrible at frog/toad ID and can’t ID tadpoles at all. I’m hoping the photos I took may be more useful ID wise to someone else? I’m not exactly sure what goes into tadpole ID

But for location reference I live in mid Illinois!


To me, they look like bullfrog tadpoles. Just because they are size-able as tadpoles and have large numbers of them too.


I was actually thinking the same thing, but I don’t know much about tadpoles. Since they are all densely together I’m guessing that it was a small body of water, which is typical of bullfrogs since they will lay their eggs in a small body of water and then the male will dig a canal to a larger body of water once the tadpoles are bigger.


We used to buy bullfrog tadpoles for our small pond back in NY, but our red ear sliders though different lol. They would be eaten in a day our two :disappointed_relieved:. So we just started buying them for snacks for the turtles.


Ah! They might have been! We tend to get quite a few bullfrogs around here.

It was a small pond actually, wouldn’t have had any fish outside of minnow sized things I’d think, this was the far end of it by a big pile of branches. I’m not super versed on amphibians so I wasn’t sure :0