Tail Tip Shed Problem?

So I noticed my little snow Tessera shed probably yesterday, impossible to tell and with her colors didn’t realize she was in shed, but checking her over noticed a good bit of stuck shed at the end of her tail. After a warm compress (and being pooped on cause nobody likes their tails messed with) I got it off but noticed something concerning. There is a good tint of red beneath the scales. Bruised? Circulation comprised?

I’ve heard of corns losing tail tips cause of this kind of thing and am wondering if this is what I’m dealing with and if there’s anything I can do to prevent this with babies in the future. My opal girl had the same thing happen with some stuck shed but no discoloration after removal.

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Best way to prevent stuck shed is to mist the enclosure while they are in blue to up the humidity. You could also offer a humid hide, but they might not use it, or might use it too much.

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Also, since it is red it might be a bruise, or blood returning to the tail. If the shed wasn’t on there for too long it should be fine. Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t turn black.


Yeah I’ve experienced the dead tail or tissues a long while ago with a baby Miami corn morph. Ended up losing that baby in part to that black. Didn’t realize it wasn’t part of her coloration until it was a bit to late and she was already on a downward spiral.

It’s a bruise and it means you used too much force when getting the shed off. However, it is not a big deal and will go away on its own if you don’t mess with it.

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