Take a look at this egg

Egg is 21 days old. Should it look any different yet? It does have veins as well. Just curious because I can’t actually see anything really… Just some darker areas in the egg.


It could be that the embryo is abnormal, that there’s more than once embryo, or that the embryo just died and is decomposing. The safest thing to do is to incubate it, but in a different cup from other eggs (or a far away slot), in case it goes bacd and starts to mold. Just check on it regularly to look for mold & sniff delicately (for lack a better word) decomposition. Otherwise don’t disturb it or candle it further, best to avoid any potential sources of pathogens.

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When it was first laid I could’ve sworn there were two embryos inside it and I’ve just let it be. I will likely place it in its own cup as well. Time will tell!

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Any update?

I have not handled it since but have put a flash light to the side of it. There are still veins in the egg and those weird dark spots are still there… I cannot visibly see an embryo though. Just kind of a darker blob at the bottom of the egg and a weird dark line. Egg is approx 39 days old.

Another thing - no smell and no mold.

See my picture of a candles egg at 23 days that has successfully hatched. You’re egg doesn’t look viable, BUT miracles happen and it never hurts to incubate and see what happens :slight_smile: image|230x500

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This baby hatched just monday!!! :heart:


Crazy I never saw the actual embryo in the egg buuuuuut here she is!


You’re kidding!! That’s so awesome! What a cutie too :slight_smile:

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Thank you! My heart was so happy :blush:

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I just stumbled across this and that is so wonderful! How is she doing now?