Talk me into or out of a Regal

Hi all, first time venturing into the invertebrates section. My wife and I have been talking about getting a little regal jumper to live on one of our plant towers(in an enclosure of course). We are an animal/pet loving family. We have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a ball python and 6 ducks… all spoiled. What draws us to the regal is that they seem to have a personality and some genuinely like to chill with their hoomans. Everything about them is relatively cheap and their enclosures are relatively small(noodle just moved into a 2x2x4).

Is there any info that for some reason is always missed when looking into caring for them? Is there any major downside? Is there some other little friend we should be looking into instead? I understand they are tiny in the early stages and I also understand they have a short lifespan compared to our other animals.

Also is anyone catching and keeping from the wild? We have them at our house. Or is captive bread the preferred method?


Some pictures of our family for payment



Jumping spiders not only are cute and have such personality they are not difficult to care for, they are pretty smart arachnids and fun to watch. Jumping spiders are a great beginner spider. Most aracnids are fairly low maintenance and can be housed in minimal spacing. I keep Widows in an 8x8 but its more for my own benefit than theirs because they typically find a spot a make a een there. When it comes to Jumping spiders they are active spiders so id house them in an 8x8 give them lots of plants or climbs such as coiled up pipe cleaners. They don’t web like most spiders but they make a lifeline when they jump. Just gotta be careful because of the size but otherwise pretty easy animal. These little ones are very social and would do well with others of their species i wouldn’t just get a single animal.just make sure they have enough space to call their own and of course enough food.


Can I house 2 males or 2 females together? Don’t need multiplication…

Or is it just too hard to determine the sex at a small size? Any way to safely prevent reproduction?

Jumping spiders only mate 1 time in their short lives. They are sexually dimorphic so you can pretty easily tell males and females.

(Insert persuasion here)


You should totally get a jumping spider (or several)! I’ve never kept them myself, but I’d like to. They’re so freaking cute and are apparently quite easy to keep. They seem like so much fun, I definitely plan to get some in the relatively near future. I love the tiny jumping spiders I find around my house. They have so much personality! Only real downside is that they don’t live very long.


I actually caught a bold jumper spider outside my home and it hasn’t moved a ton since then but it’s also been very cold. I believe it’s a girl and she has moved a lot more since then but hasn’t moved places I made her a place to live until my enclosure comes. She’s about a dime size and was wondering what I can feed her and what necessities I need in her enclosure.

You can feed her any appropriately sized meals small crickets/roaches/meal worms, she can tackle stuff about her size. If she has green in the front where her mouth is its a male. Give things to climb, jump and hide. You don’t need a ton of space.