Taming blue iguana

I recently purchased a sub-adult (approx 7 months old) beautiful blue axanthic iguana. I’ve studied up and am following the advice of reputable breeders and experts on YouTube and in articles. My question is about behavior during taming. After about 2 weeks of acclimation, I began to handle him daily. He is skiddish until I am able to carefully remove him from his enclosure. Then after I first pick him up he calms rather quickly. I try to keep an established daily feeding and lighting ritual and handle him daily. While holding him, I speak quietly and repeat his name so he might begin to recognize it someday and after a short time gently return him to his enclosure. I’m encouraged by his calming and he appears healthy and alert and growing. Will he become more acclimated to me picking him up as he grows and gets more familiar and is this initial skiddish behavior typical? I’d like him to feel less initially threatened and am hoping that will dissipate/lessen with time and commitment to taming and caring for him. Thank you for any feedback.



With any lizards there is going to be initial fear because they don’t know if they’re going to be attacked by you. It will be months if not longer to break what you’re describing. Whereas iguanas might grow to be extremely lovable and kind it does take a lot of work with them because of their personalities. Try to employ feeding techniques like him coming to you for food, eventually eating while he is on you (your arm or whatever). The main thing is you want to build trust because trust is what’s going to get you that animal were it is comfortable being around you. I would say the practices that you’re doing are definitely benefiting that trust relationship. Obviously don’t retain grab them, that will always freak them out. @welshmorphology works with iguanas so her tips and tricks will be extremely valid. I hope you have a wonderful day.


PS can you post a picture of him, I love blues, please :grin:

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Trying to hand feed once he calms is a great idea. I’ll do that. I’ll also check out @welshmorphology too thank you for the helpful reply! And I’ll put up some pics from when first arrived about a Month ago now and take some new ones tomorrow.

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I’ve added more climbing apparatus and a big corner water bowl since this which was Day One. Background goes up tomorrow and I’ll post more then. Thanks very much again!


He is beautiful, hope you enjoy him😁

Thank you! This is about two weeks ago. Much appreciated. :pray:t2:


Sorry you say “subadult”? This is a grown on baby!
Has it been physically sexed…as in probed by a breeder???
You really need a taller cage, go for aboreal set up. He needs lots of humidity too, so I’d switch up the substrate. Please don’t take the is wrong way but all these breeders and experts haven’t got a clue if this is how they suggested setting the lil guy up.
I understand we are from different corners of the Globe and can do things differently but igs need the same care regardless.
Also I see you have a red bulb for heating…what is the other bulb in the dome please?

I would really get to work on the husbandry first before tackling the taming issue, that is a secondary issues and not as important as set up and requirements.

Please feel free to PM me. This is constructive criticism for you to learn from, so please don’t take it the wrong way. I want what’s best for the lil ig too


No I appreciate the candor and guidance. I’m planning on transferring him to a larger enclosure. I also used apparently the wrong term ‘subadult’. I’ll add the repti bark to help with moisture in the meantime. I leave the red on at night and add a ReptiSun 10.0 UVB bulb in the other lamp. If you have tips on husbandry, I’m open to learning and providing the best care I can and in the correct sequences too. I have had it independently sexed and I’m not sure how reliable the breeder is. But they did specify it was a male baby. Any guidance is greatly appreciated and with all humility. I want to be a caring, responsible caretaker.

*have not had it independently sexed.

Misting him by hand multiple times a day. Adding substrate over the weekend too.