Tank size questions

So i have a 10 gallon tank that i used for my leopard gecko when he was younger and i was wondering if i could flip it to be horizontal and use it as a crestie enclosure


The dimensions are 10x12x20 and its all i can really use since what i’ve seen online are too expensive for me


I would say that that would be way too small. If you can’t afford the cost of average-sized housing (18” wide x 18” long x 24” high) you definitely want to wait and save up a little more. You need to be able to pay for vet care if needed from the moment you bring home your pet. So I suggest revisiting the idea of getting another pet again when your financial situation is different.


Agree with @mblaney that the tank you have is not quite ideal for a Crested. Best to wait awhile and save up for better accommodations.

Best of luck to you! :blush:


I agree that waiting might be better. You want an enclosure that can take high humidity as well as enough space for the Gecko to move about.

The absolute minimum an average size Gecko can have is 30 X 30 X 45cm. But it’s recommended/expected to upgrade them when fully grown.


had the same problem, try second hand tanks I got a full set up 4x2x2 Zen habitat stand with cabinets decorations, lighting ,calcium powder and a whole lot of other stuff, for like 200$-300$ so I bet you can find a cheap crestie tank on like ebay :edit it did take a while to find tho but it saved us like 600$ if not more on supplies

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