Tank Upgrade?

Hello! I have a 8 month old male corn snake named Chai who is currently about 2 ft long! Right now his home is a 10 gallon terrarium but I am hoping to get him a bigger one here soon.

Would he be ok if I upgraded him to a 40 gallon tank since that is what he would need for when he’s an adult? Or would it be better if I did an in between size like 25 or 30 gallon?

Anything is helpful! He is my first reptile/snake and I’m trying to do my best to give him a good life!



You can definitely move him straight into the larger enclosure, provided he has lots of hides and ground cover so he’ll feel secure.


Welcome to the forum @kc383! So glad you found us! There are lots of really great people here and lots of expert experienced advice, some of which you have already gotten from @solarserpents!

Most often any snake has to feel safe and secure in order to eat, so all those extra hides will be great! He is one lucky corn to have a caring owner providing him a great big home!

And don’t forget, we all love pictures! :blush:


Welcome to the community, @kc383 . Your snake will most likely enjoy the extra space for exploration. It will help him feel secure in his new home if you transfer some of the things from his current home, at least initially if you don’t want to keep them in the longer term. The familiar scents will help him adjust to his new space.

When you do move him, give him a few days to settle in before offering food. Expect that he’ll probably mark his new digs by depositing some waste pretty soon after you’ve moved him. Tamp down your urge to clean just this once and let that deposit stay put until at least after he’s been fed. That scent also helps him feel like it’s his place now (I know, I know :laughing: :poop:).

And yes, we love pictures!


Thank you all for the replies!! I appreciate the help!!

Here are some pictures of my little freestyle stick!


Beautiful baby!


Oh yeah he certainly is a beautiful boy! Thank you so much for the pictures! If you have any questions at all about the transfer or anything else don’t hesitate to ask! Someone here can help you!

Keep us updated on the move and new tank setup @kc383! :heart_eyes:


Very pretty snake. What is its name?


His name is Chai!


Nice name. Except now I want some chai! Lol

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