Tapping image doesn't load image

At least 50% of the time, tapping the image in an ad will not load the hi-res image. Refreshing page doesn’t help. This happens with different phones and different browsers.

Side issue, expected behavior is when the hi-res image does load, tapping anywhere outside the issue should close the image and go back to the ad. As it is now you need to tap the image once to get the X at the top right, which then needs to be tapped. Annoying.


I just checked, app and website, I’m not able to load any of the high res photos by clicking the ad image. Wondering if the new layout caused this to pop up.
Using an iPhone here


You guys dont miss a blink!

This is intentional for the time being. The library being used for tap-to-expand was causing us huge error logs and was ugly to maintain.

Side note: Landscape and square images will work the best moving forward. Portrait, not so much.


Got to get that fixed. Very basic functionality


Oh indeed! The ad page itself is getting a little revamp so its part of the end game of this project.


Good point :wink:


I think ‘description’ should be at the top and easier to pick out. I don’t initially care who’s selling it if the seller has already used an unhelpful title like ‘female’ or ‘SALE!!!’, I have to find and expand the description just figure out what the animal is.


Unless I’m seeing it incorrectly, you no longer have to click “read more” with the way they moved the description box. It automatically shows the entire entry for me for all the listings I’ve looked at. Picture below as an example.

Also @eaglereptiles the “learn how to buy” page will need to be updated, as I’m sure you’re all aware of anyhow. Just to match the new choice of buttons to press when inquiring.


This has been fixed :blush:

The old way used to expand ALL images in a new window, now images will only expand, within the page (which is a much nicer experience), if they are outside of the golden ratio.

Here is an example: Pastel Leopard Spotnose Axanthic Tsk Clown Ball Python by Ball Brilliance - MorphMarket


Awesome! Definitely a much more user friendly experience. Thank you guys!!


To report a bug please complete the following form in as much detail as possible.

About the bug

Photos of for sale animals no longer enlarge when clicked. We could always click image for a better quality image.

Summary of the issue: Photos no longer enlarge when clicked.

Expected results: click image, receive larger image (whole image as ad images seem to always be cropped poorly currently. The larger image would allow you to see the whole image.

Actual results: Nothing happens. We must put up with the smaller, cropped image. In many cases this crops the heads or tails off of the animal.

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

This is one such example.

When did you first notice it?: Within the last few days.

Steps to reproduce the problem?: Reinstate the expanded image option I guess.

Is this happening on the website, app or both?: Both.

If its happening on the app, please tell us what version number you have installed:

Additional notes:

About your device iphone 8 and ASUS laptop (windows 11)

Device brand: Apple/ASUS

Device model:

Browser name: Google

Browser version:


Please add as many screenshots as possible that could help explain what you are experiencing.


As reported in the post above mine, this is still broken.

They images are low res compared to what was loading before on tap and the complete images still not showing (just cropped lower res). I can [kind of] expand with pinch to zoom page but that’s all I’m getting. Previously, tapping brought up great single hi-res non-cropped images.


Up. Still broken. Very basic basic functionality. What’s going on here?


So the pictures are expanding now to show the whole pic but it’s still the LO-RES version. It’s also difficult and janky to pinch zoom out. Please, back to the old way so the hi-res images pop out and can easily pinch and zoom/double tap zoom and see detail.


I asked about this issue on the FB Morphmarket Sellers page (which now seems to be missing?) without a solid answer on whether or not the hi-res images were coming back. On a platform selling animals where the only examination of the “product” comes from the provided images, it seems like a really important feature to be able to view hi-res photos. Will this be restored?


It’s annoying and clunky now. Sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t. Can’t tell if they do often. Expanding is very clunky with the page/image jumping all over. The old way was great.


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