Teaching the Future Generations

Apologies for the sappiness, but I wanted to share something beautiful that happened today while my little one was handling one of our Honduran Milksnakes.

I told my daughter, Lucy, that many people fear snakes. She gave me the most puzzled look; then she said, “maybe they don’t know that snakes are scared of them, too. Maybe they need to spend time with them, because then they will learn that snakes are one of the greatest animals in the whole world.” She spoke of an imporant lesson that many adults still sadly struggle to grasp.

Imagine if everyone taught future generations to love, respect and admire 𝘢𝘭𝘭 life. To explore all the wonders of our curious world. To think freely, independently, and with a purpose of their own. In such a world, we would see the most amazing things grow from their not-so-little minds.


Microbes are astonishingly beautiful as well. :wink: Maybe get that darling a microscope, to boot? The world is full of endless exploration!


I feel schools don’t teach about the importance of animals. They may teach them about climate change etc. But those seem to be more politically motivated imo.

Learning about species and their importance is key to our own survival. Having good ambassadors and advocates especially for the species that evoke a certain fear is needed. Honestly these species really don’t want anything to do with us and most bites/stings occurs because of humans, very few predators would actively hunt a human but even those are necessary and people should be educated about them, what to do to avoid them etc. Even pesky mosquitoes that can spread disease are still important to the ecosystem. No animal deserves a death sentence just because we fear them, of course if you are being attacked or protecting yourself or you family or others that is different. To me having “round up derbies” not only to me is morally objectionable its also harmful to our environment. Education is far better than eradication.


That’s awesome! Stunning snake as well.


I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said and there is not a drop of sappiness in it, just plain old TRUTH! God’s Creation is a wonder, from the tiniest amoeba to the massive creatures that roam the earth and swim in the sea.

I only have 10 snakes as a reptile pet owner and usually the first thing people ask is “does it bite”?
Or people tend to equate snakes with the devil. It just infuriates me! Your little daughter is so right!
Snakes can be just as afraid of people as some people can be afraid of them. A lot of people are just plain ignorant about snakes!

I think snakes are some of the most vulnerable animals on this planet. They can’t run or fly so they don’t have many defense tactics other then biting to defend themselves when attacked. (Exceptions of course, Anacondas, Retics, etc.)

I cherish all my snakes and they are NOT of the devil. They are part of God’s Creation and serve many purposes on this earth.

By the way, your Honduran Milk is gorgeous!

All the best to you!



How did I miss this post!

So amazing to see a youngster puzzled as to why ppl fear snakes.

I am always asked “do they bite” but ppl are shocked when I say I’ve never been bit by a snake. The rodents on the other hand…:mouse:

Such an amazing post, thank you for sharing.

I wanted to go into my sons nursery to show off our reptiles. However insurance etc got in the way and was not possible. I feel this is key to our children’s education. But then I think so much is being missed in our children’s education


Not sure how I missed this on the first go. Glad it got bumped. Beautiful, wise child, beautiful snake, beautiful words. Zero sap.

I was fortunate when I taught high school to have understanding principals. I was able to have assorted classroom pets, including corn snakes. I also took my snakes to many large educational expos. It was a privilege to help students and adults learn that these lovely creatures don’t need to be feared, let alone destroyed.


I love my animals even if others don’t. My momma thinks snakes are of the devil, she won’t allow them in her home. She asked me to move back home but i was like its with all my animals or none. Many animals get automatic death sentence without any logic or reason other than who they are.


The wife and I teach animal classes when schools come on field trips to the camp where she works. We bring several snakes and lizards and let the kids touch them and talk about husbandry and keeping them as pets. We even set up two big bioactive enclosures there tonise as teaching tools. Ive even brought my curly haired tarantula on occasion to show off. (Over a table and no petting, of course.) Jackie starts off each class by saying…

"People always ask if my animals bite. All animals bite. Will I let them bite you? No. I dont know where you’ve been and don’t want my animals to get sick. "

The bravest kids are always the very young. They don’t know to be scared. The curiosity in their eyes is just amazing.


My niece asked about my scorpions and i told her they really just prefer to run and hide. They are not openly aggressive, not 1 of them, they will however possibly defend themselves. My big Androctonus Australis (Lady War) is surprisingly docile, maybe because she knows her power or she knows im not harming her, still on occasion she will run away, she has never attempted to sting unlike my Androctonus Amoreuxi and Buthacus Leptochelys Nitzani both of them are extremely defensive, even my big Leiurus Quinquestriatus has never tried to sting she just runs and she makes bluff threat postures. I could probably hold my Androctonus Australis but I’d never do that just in case. Id never tell anybody to hold one, too much potential for a possible bad sting. I do know none of my scorpions would actively go on an attack, they run to safety and hide until im gone, its pretty safe to work in the enclosure as long as i know where they are 1st.