Tegu morph update

Genetic Review Form.
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Species: Salvator Merianae
Name of Gene: blue albino strain

Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc):Recessive
In complex with other genes?:
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Description: t+ albino or blue albino often just called albino as the emergence of the red albino is still new.
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Disagreement or Controversy: In tegus we have 2 albino lines one from pure reds which is more recently becoming available and the blue albinos which have been around for over a decade and bred into reds/bws to create hybrid albinos like ice, purple or ameythst line. Some hybrid lines are given a specific name to represent the line however the albinos and hets are still compatible. for example amethyst albino and blue albinos are the same genetic one is just a hybrid using the blue albino. Different hybrid with different names both carrying the same albino strain essentially.
the current listing makes it appear as if Ice, blue albino and other albinos are different strains of albino. Comparably in boas you see multiple albino strains but the vpi t+ isnt compatible with the sharp or kahl lines. which is the opposite of what we see in tegus. if you breed any hybrid with the blue albino in it to any other hybrid with blue albino you will get albinos.

ice het albino x amethyst albino results in visual albinos
sharp albino boa x VPI t+ albino results in normals that are double het for 2 albino strains.