Tegu: Skin shedding scar marks? I need some advice ✨️

Hey guys! My tegu, Momo, has been doing well, the only problem is his tail sheds. I finally got his whole tail to shed off two week ago after four whole weeks of struggling with the dang thing. This week Momo started shedding again and the shed stopped at this middle area on his tail, (which was the same area I struggled the most with getting the old shed to come off). I also found another full circular area where the shed (struggled?) to come off at the lower portion of his tail. My only question is: what should I do?


It appears to be a regrown part of the tail probably from being in overcrowded enclosures and being damaged in some way as a baby. As for advice I would do 2-3 30 minute soaks every week and eventually stop and see if it keeps happening after 4-5 good sheds


@logar This is not a regrown tail, I don’t think. if it were, it’d be solid colored from all of the information I’m finding.

@mosquito My guess is it’s just not humid enough for him. I found this video from Rose City Reptiles that could be helpful for you!


From what I understand that applies to an individual basis depending on a whole bunch of factors including the age it happened at. You can see the abrupt change in color, size, pattern, etc. I am not saying you are wrong but that is just what I have gathered and remember from some of my research

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Alright thank you! I’ll boost up his humidity levels, then. :]

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