Tell me about X-treme and Gene-X

I’m having trouble digging up info on these. Searches on the forum here are a bust.

X-treme was proven by Ken Macek and there’s a single super X-treme example on WoBP. Supers have a very nice stripe and non-supers seem to have a busy pattern.

Gene-X was captive produced by J Kobylka in a pied line. I’ve seen his examples of non-pied normal Gene-X but not much more. It’s not super obvious to me what this combo does other than (via jkr) giving pied brighter colors.

Any descriptions or pictures handy?

How would I describe GeneX?
I tell people it looks a lot like what people call “harlequins”. They have melted, “roller-coaster” sides, belly striping and lots of fading / blushing, especially in adults. Few “harley” genes prove to be genetic, however GeneX might be the same (or different) than proven lines.” - JKR Ballstreet Journal

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Right! That’s the same link this comes from (mentioned in OP):

I tracked down Ken Macek on Facebook and found out he has an X-treme and also an X-tremist. I’m still kind of lost on what a single gene x-treme might look like.

X-treme markers (part 1) via
“drip marks and striping”

Part 2
Tail has a “melted look”.
Striping behind the neck.

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X-treme (single, low expression)

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You can read more about the X-tremist gene at the following link.

Here is a Super X-tremist Yellow Belly.

Here is a Super X-tremist Pastel Yellow Belly.

Here is a Super X-tremist Pastel.


So is this gene an enhancer?

GeneX is an enhancer, X-tremist is a pattern changer with a very cool Super. Here is a single gene X-tremist Yellow Belly.



I reached out to Ken since making this post but had the opposite luck as you: my x-treme is definitely one of the previous x-tremes he sold and isn’t all that expressive (pics above).

I’m really digging Super X-treme and base X-tremist. Definitely going to need to add these to future projects for that chunky stripe. I love it.

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Yeah I really lucked out in getting an X-tremist when I purchased an X-treme gene from Ken. I also was lucky enough to get GeneX from Justin when I purchased a Pastel Yellow Belly Pied from him.

Here are a couple of Pastel Yellow Belly GeneX Pieds I produced.

This is a Pastel Yellow Belly GeneX Het Pied i produced.


Almost looks like a pastel lace

Here’s a 1400 gram male xtreme gene I picked up. Previous owner said he was produced by captive bred Specialties

That would be Ryan Hill a friend of Ken’s and an original investor in the X-treme Gene.


I basically bought a good portion of the guys collection. At least that xtreme gene male and an xtreme gene butter from Captive Bred. Also what looks like some xtreme single gene, fire, and pinstripe offspring the guy had produced as well.

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