Temporary anole care

So my cousin is gonna be out of town for 2 weeks and he would like for me to care for his anole, I’ve kept them before but can you all help me with a temporary setup.


What species of anole is it?

green anole

Does it come with an enclosure or are you setting one up?

Hes just giving me the lizard but i do have a extra 10 gal

I found this care sheet online:

A vertical 15 gallon is the minimum size for that time span. A 20 gallon vertical or larger is needed for a permanent enclosure. The hot spot should be about 80 (at the top, heated with heat pad/heat bulb/CHE and a thermostat). It should have a couple elevated hides with good cover (from plants/decorations and 3 sides covered). It should be fed roaches, silkworms, small hornworms, crickets (with proper precautions), or mealworms (ideally not staple). That should cover most care. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.