Temporary housing - Adult gargoyle gecko

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I know the general recommendation is to use the exo-terra style enclosures for housing adult geckos in.

Say someone found a gecko they desperately need, and don’t have a ready made bioactive/exo terra enclosure set up ready just yet… What temporary housing situations would be suitable for an adult garg? What type of Tub would work? i assume you want something with some height to it, even though gargoyles are known for being more terrestrial than the other new Caledonian species.

Just looking for ideas until i can get a suitable PVC/Exo-terra enclosure.



This tub looks like it would work pretty well. I would cut a hole around 9 inches by 9 inches for ventilation in the top and put some fiber glass screen hot glued/siliconed in place. It definitely isn’t ideal but it should still be fine for a couple months. As a plus, it would work as a really good quarantine enclosure compared to a bioactive.

Another thing that I think could work really well is something like this if you are willing to do a bit of work. It works well, looks nicer, and you could probably get away with a permanent enclosure if you wanted to as it does look pretty nice.

If you do go with the second way, I would use this tub as it would be a good size and it wouldn’t need to be a big priority to move to a glass enclosure if you do chose to use an exo-terraesque enclosure like you would with the other tub.


Might be controversial, but imo tubs aren’t much worse than tanks, they’re just not as nice to look at - Make sure to get one that is around the same size as an exo terra and that has some nice locks, put in on it’s side if you want it taller and drill holes in the bottom front, and on the top (or add netting to the top). You can add some kind of border if you want to use dirt, or you can just use paper towels and give it a humid/lay box so it still has the dirt to dig in. If you add the dirt make sure to add the bottom holes above the dirt. But yeah, you can do just about the same with a modified tub as with an exo terra tbh.


Not controversial in my eyes. I agree with it. I mean, ive got racks with ball pythons in it. I just really like the look of bioactive.

My wife’s recently gotten really into plants, and it’s given me the “bug” as well. I think for me I’d be temporarily looking at doing a tub for something, and I could even cut the top out for a screen and have lights for bioactive I’m sure. I just really like to be able to see the plants and what not.

So I think both can work great!

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I know people have done bioactive tubs, personally Im planning on adding plants to all of mine later on in the year (they’re already bioactive in the dirt + cuc sense). But yeah you won’t get to see them much unfortunately I don’t think. You could try googling around to see if anyone’s found a way? Maybe you could add some kind of screen to the front? Or maybe there are tubs out there that are completely clear? :thinking: But yeah in terms of whether it’s fine to house the gecko in one, it absolutely is, just make sure it has enough space :blush:


I just remembered that I forgot to post this website


I forget where I’ve seen it, but I’ve seen tub builds and racks made with these crystal clear kitchen storage tubs. Pretty cool ideas

Actually looks like @logar found exactly what I was referring to!

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