Temps are all over the place

Okay, I so I have probably asked this question a million times in other forums and groups and such and I have yet to receive helpful information so I guess I’m the only person in the community to have this issue. Anyway. I have 8 5 level racks from next level designs with fb40 tubs. A couple NLD FB70 5 level racks. All hooked up to herpstat 2s (yes I know I should invest in a 6 lol) the heat tape winds through the rack like I’m assuming most people have it set up like that. I have them all set to different temps in attempt to get each level within 88-90 degrees I have the probes taped with clear packaging tape. I have the room heated to 81* with a radiant space heater with the room vents closed and humidifier. Some tubs are reading higher than I have the Tstat set, and some are reading almost 10* lower. Some of the temps are 5 or 6 degrees lower then the level above. My bottom levels aren’t even close to touching 88. Most of them are around 85 at the hottest. While some of the middle tubs are hitting 93-94 degrees. If I want to drop those temps, then the bottom levels barely touch 83. So I have some snakes sitting on temps that are a little high, while some are sitting on temps too low. Sorry for the long text, I’m just sick and tired of not being able to stabilize my temps. I have been suggested before to keep them in the 85-87 range, however if I did that, the bottom levels would most likely get no hotter than mid to high 70s. Thanks!

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How are you measuring temps? With what and at what location? Is the rack new?

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Are you trying to heat 8 racks with one thermostat?

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I personally don’t like the idea of a single piece of heat tape run like that. Voltage drops over distance so without checking it on the far end with a multimeter I would be concerned that the voltage isn’t consistent across the entire length.

What’s your total heat tape wattage? That’s another reason I don’t like long single runs they use up wattage and a herpstat 2 will only do 900w iirc.


No lol. I have 4 herpstat 2s. 8 racks.

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I mean, 90% of companies make ‘em like that other than the obvious ones (ARS, FB) and other breeders don’t have issues line I am?

Also, I saw a post by jd_constriction (if you know who he is) and he uses the same racks I do, with no issues.

I think it’s possible your running to much through each thermostat to hold consistent temperatures.

Is he using the same thermostat configuration as

I think using a thermostat for each individual rack would eliminate the huge disparities in temperature.

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Some companies run a single piece. I wouldn’t call it the industry standard.

As a contractor, if I were trying to solve the same problem you’re having the first thing I would do is verify the voltage is the same at the far end as on the supply end. If you don’t know that the voltage is consistent across the whole piece, you’re missing a critical piece of diagnostic information. Too sharp a bend on the pieces or a worn spot could be affecting it.

Do you know how many watts each piece of tape uses?

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I’m using one herpstat 2 per 2 racks

I understand that. I’m suggesting running one per rack. How much watts is each one running?

I don’t know how much wattage it used, but I do know that most levels are a few degrees different from one end to the next.

Than it’s very possible you are running more than each thermostat can handle.

So that could explain why my Tstat is set to 92.5 degrees for output one and two, and some levels are getting higher than 92.5??? And some levels aren’t even hitting 85???

And it’s 4 in flexwatt heat tape so if anyone knows how many watts that tape would be?

Thermostat won’t work properly if it’s overloaded.

So that means, inkbird, and herpstat both I can’t use if that’s the case?? Then how is it that so many breeders can use herpstat on racks that have 10+ levels with no issues when mine are only 5 levels.

Your having issues not them. I’m just trying to help you out. I only run one rack per thermostat myself.

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I understand that. But what’s the point of a herpstat 2, 4 or 6 if running more than one rack would cause it to overload? Oh and I do have a few racks hooked up to inkbirds, with the same issue. 3 racks are hooked up to their own tsat (the racks with the FB70s I mentioned before), and those temps are still off as well.

What does that matter at this point? I would be more concerned with fixing your issues so your snakes can have proper temperatures. I’m pretty sure if you run each one to a thermostat you won’t have this problem.

I would also check the physical condition of your heat tape if it has tears or is curling you should replace that as well.

The configuration you are running isn’t working at this point you need to change something.

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