Tempted to get a crestie…

I’m throwing around the idea of getting a crestie to add to my reptile room, and had some questions.

I’ve never done a bio active enclosure before, are they fairly easy to take care of? I know typically you have it set up for a couple months prior to adding a crestie, so I’m keeping that in mind. Also what size enclosure works well for them? I’ve seen kits to turn a 20L into a vertical tank for them. Is that good for an adult? Or is that not big enough? I know it limits the footprint a little, but I know they like to climb.

Most of my animals care has revolved around balls, and one leopard gecko, but the cresties are so cute and tempting… any input or advice before looking further?

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Crested geckos are great. Bioactives are very simple to keep. They are a bit more work to set up initially but once the cleaning crew has a high enough population you don’t need to worry about cleaning. The standard tank size is an 18x18x24, but I’m going to be putting a single gecko in a 20g high sometime coming up and that works just fine.


Cresties make great pets.

Bio-active enclosure are easy to maintain. Just need to put the work in at first. I have made a little bit about what I’ve done on my website if that helps.

As said above 18 x 18 x 24 is the min but the more room the better.

If suggest to have your enclosure ready before looking for a Gecko as there are so many available and if your anything like me, you’ll love them all.

Will you be looking for an adult it young gecko?


I’d like to go with a young one, so I can watch it grow. I don’t really have intentions of breeding right now, as my main focus is balls but I’m having to take next season off, so figured I’d try to add another species to my room. Definitely open to all suggestions about picking them out as well, and pros/cons about adults vs juvi’s

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If you look on my portfolio too I have a thread on making a background for a bio viv!

Defo get from a breeder too, so you know the care, and hopefully find one that handles often, mixes the foods up etc too.

Any morphs you’re looking at? :black_heart:


Thanks, I’ll take a look!
And I’m not 100% sure on what I’m thinking for morphs. Either something clean with Dalmatian, or a really dark base tri. I’ve been scrolling through the cresties show your page on here. I actually love your Naruto, he’s incredible fired up!

Geckos are so cool im sure you will enjoy them.

There are so many different types. Ghoulish Cresties Naruto if a phantom Lilly White so credited like him would be in the higher price.

Have you decided Riley how much your willing to spend on a gecko?

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Definitely not looking to spend what a Lilly white goes for. I’m honestly looking to spend no more than $150 for the crestie itself, and then whatever I need to spend on the enclosure and equipment.

I might need to rethink some things. I keep my reptile room around 80-81, and it looks like this is too hot for a crestie, right? Online I think I’m seeing 72-75. So either need to drop my reptile room temp and try to deal with it for my balls, or cancel the plans for now for a crestie

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Temp wise that would be ok to be honest.
Ours are ‘around 24/26’ we’ve had lower and we’ve had higher. Ranges here and there.
Especially last week with the heat! 34!! Quickly sorted.

Make sure you mist atleast 3 times a day :black_heart:


They shouldn’t go above 30c but I found they are best kept 24-26c although I try 22c as average


My reptile room does sometimes spike to low 80’s F. I ended up putting an ac in the window necause of it. Most of my display racks are filled with cresties and gargs, but i also have leos and aft and snakes in there with additional heat sources, which kicks up the temp.

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