Terminology: Are Axanthic and Ivory the same?

Are these terms used interchangeably for carpets? Is “ivory” used to label axanthic jungles? Just tryin’ to find a jet black and bright white carpet.


I don’t see ‘ivory’ listed as a keyword for carpet python sales…so I don’t believe so? Unless it’s an obscure combo or line name…

The ivory that does pop up on a couple sold carpets however is listed as a ‘locality’. So that won’t affect a recessive gene like axanthic much.

Here’s the Morphipedia entry for axanthic carpets. Typically MorphMarket will list other terms or names for genes. I don’t see ivory listed there either


No, they’re not. Ivory is seemingly a line bred/polygenic trait and is entirely unrelated to Axanthic. That said, from what I know of Axanthics, you’re unlikely to find one that is jet black & bright white.


Ivory is a line bred trait created by Nick Mutton. He’s only been making them in their current form for a handful years as it’s taken him I believe 7 generations to get to where they are now. An Ivory Jungle is going to be your only option in the US and he only releases a few each year.

50% Ivory stuff is a tad easier to come by but they aren’t white. I have a 50% Ivory Zebra and it looks a lot like Jungles looked 30 years ago. Even an Ivory isn’t stark white, hence being called Ivory.

There are no Axanthic Ivory animals that I’m aware of yet and I’m not aware of any pairings to make any. Axanthic Carpets brown out quite a bit so I’m not sure it would enhance the look.

Carpets aren’t ball pythons color wise and are extremely variable with many traits including Ivory being polygenetic.


Thanks for the solid info! @ballornothing :smiley:


Nick is a wealth of information, and I suggest anyone who makes it to a Pacific Northwest reptile show take a minute and meet him and pick his brain about reptiles.