Terrarium 40 gallon

what’s a Good terrarium out there?
I cam across one name Zen habitats, seems more well built and easy to clean, there are not much brands out there though, so I just wanted to see what everyone is using? or feedback or personal reviews thanks

I’ve only used Exoterra, works great for Me.

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I have 3 gecko and 2 exoterra tanks to…

As for price, I have 163$ of points on my chase card, so another 200$ or less out of pocket is not a problem :ok_hand:

Has anyone use Blackbox cages?

Would these options work for ball python? As for the screen cut out, hea lamp…

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I’d recommend not with a heating lamp, ball pythons are belly heat. Also heating lamps can destroy humidity.

I did not know this, I thought a heat lamp will work, so then I heat pad? Under the one of these?

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I would recommend heat tape. Are use reptile basics heat tape for my 4 by 2 by 15”

Ps the whole bottom doesn’t have to covered. That was me trying to have two heating zones.

heat tape does this stuff need to be plug in? got any good links for this stuff?

Yes I will pm you

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