Terrarium vs Baby Box Help

A few weeks ago, I moved my girl Hex into her terrarium. I’m cleaning it out today and I put her back in her box that she had been living in since I got her. I checked on her and she’s firing down some. Now, since moving her, this girl has not even thought about firing down once. She hasn’t been fully fired up, but by no means has she been even remotely close to firing down.

Naturally, I am concerned. She’s too big for her box, but seems to be highly uncomfortable in her terrarium. She eats still. I actually have to give her a bath because she not only ate, but finger painted with her food. Should I keep her in her box during the day and switch her to the terrarium at night in the hopes of acclimating her more? Keep her in her box for a bit longer? Or just keep her in the terrarium?

If she is eating that is all that matters and I would avoid giving her baths, it’s counter productive and unecessary and I am not sure why you would stress your gecko by doing so when on the other hand you worry that she is not adjusting well and is stressed? Geckos get dirty not big deal.

I bred and kept Rhacks since 2007 and NEVER gave any a bath.

Simply provide proper husbandry, and make sure she eats.

As for firing up or down I doubt you are awake 24/7 :wink:

I don’t like giving her baths. I do it because I was told by others who have owned gargoyles to do so when food dries and hardens on their toes. Apparently, they didn’t and the geckos lost the digits. Why put her through that when it’s easily preventable?

If you provide a tropical environment with humidity high enough you will not have that issue.

Never did in 13 years

But you can keep giving it bath if you feel it is necessary and works for you, I am only trying to outline that you are worried about the stress of your gecko but add to it at the same time.

Changing enclosure back and forth, day and night would not be a good idea either.

Again if your gecko is eating you are good. :+1:

No, no, I understand I’m in the wrong on this. I just worry about her. I will follow your advice, thank you.