Terrestrial Display Gecko

I’m looking for a terrestrial gecko, one that would be out during the day. Not a guarantee that I’m even going to get a terrestrial gecko, I just like to look around and consider lots of options when it comes to reptiles. I’ve heard Lucasium damaeum are out a lot, but not sure how true that is. So does anyone have an idea for what sort of terrestrial display gecko would be a good choice? It doesn’t need to be handleable, just active and out.


That’s a tough one, a gecko that is both diurnal and terrestrial. :thinking:

I’ve heard some ‘micro’ geckos are mostly terrestrial, but I don’t know much about most micro gecko species. I’m not sure if Gonatodes are terrestrial. I know Sphaerodactylus argus are terrestrial and diurnal but I don’t know much else. You might have more options if you looked at non-gecko diurnal & terrestrial reptiles. I know some species of skink are quite small and often terrestrial. Did you have a size of enclosure in mind?


I may be wrong but out and about displaying animals is somwhat opposite of most reptile, invert and amphibians behavior. I understand wanting to “see” the animals however its not how most are. Many animals are both predators and prey so they have a real built in instinct to hide. I mostly babysit “empty” enclosures and only see my animals at night when they are looking for food, otherwise they stay in their hides. I feel like the only animals that sit in the open are confident that they are not prey and don’t have to fear being predated. But even large reptiles like crocs etc. Will scurry off in the wild when they see humans, they learned that humans are bad and kill them so run.

It’s just imo not trying to be offensive im curious about why you want so many “display” animals. Typically id say if a person wants a showy animal get a bird, a dog or cat or fish. Its been my experience most of the animals i ever kept were hiders. Of course when they are basking or foraging they will be out, but most animals don’t like to just sit out in the open.


To be honest, whenever I post asking about pet suggestions, most of the time I’m just gathering info about what’s out there. I doubt I’ll get most of the animals I ask about, I’m just curious. And I realize that’s how most reptiles and animals in general are, which is why I ask about them so much. I inquire about types of reptiles I’ve never heard of before for this reason. Basically, I am just a curious herper trying to learn as much as I can. I know it may seem weird to research in this way, but I’ve found it to be a quite useful way to gather information about captive reptiles.


Asking actual people often is more informative than an online scholar paper, especially if it is very scientific. Real world knowledge works well. Thanks for replying


I have to chime in here and say this isn’t necessarily true. I used to live in South Africa and went on trips into ‘the wild’ pretty often. The few times I was anywhere near wild crocs (obviously not directly in front of them, hehe), they just ignored us. I don’t really think reptiles are inherently any more likely to hide than mammals, I think it has more to do with each species, whether the individual animal is are captive bred, and how the species does in captivity in general.

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You have some good points. And as always animals are individuals so thier temperament etc. Will of course vary. Its probably humans behavior that had the crocs running as i saw. Technically they were " hunting " them going out on the river with motor and lights to find crocs at night, so that probably does iduce a flight response. Im sure some don’t run and probably some are bold and maybe charge. I think fear response is normal, even for us. The fearless ones sometimes are the ones that get killed. The only experience i have with crocs/gators is what i read or watch video on the internet, no real world experience. My experience tends to be in small animals, I think our pot belly pigs or dogs are as big as ive had. My snake experience is limited to my new aquired Rosys, i fed and took care of snakes along with all small animals when i worked in a pet store, but thats not the same thing as owning them.

A dune gecko…or a bironi’s gecko…would be out alot day wise. Not terrestrial…but I have a gaint day gecko…& you cant play with him…but he is litterally always out…& not a gecko…but I just got a little side blochted lizard & he is out & active all day.

My emerald swifys are also out all day…althO again…not a gecko…

Something like a little spade foot gecko…would also be active during the day… think smaller desert gecko species…in this case. Alot of those would fit your inquiry.