Texas friends

Is there anyone that the community can send hot hands to, your job would be to make sure they get into the hands of keepers who need them. It would be easier to do an Amazon shipment straight to you.

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@chesterhf @akmorphs @meerkatlyndz @lsdexotix

These guys are in Texas and may be able to help you out here…

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Thanks, I have a few people who would send a case

I appreciate the thought, that’s super kind!

At this point part of the issue is even if people were able to order things, nobody is able to receive shipments due to literally everything being shut down. Amazon hasn’t been making deliveries due to roads being unsafe to drive on. At least in the Houston area (where I am) most people are starting to get power back. I’ve had heat packs and styrofoam coolers and offered to either share them with people, or host people’s reptiles since I haven’t lost power and nobody took me up on it.

I know there have been people in most of the major cities who have also been offering to host reptiles because they still have power or a generator, but once again the issue is people haven’t been able to drive to them, or are unwilling to hand over their snakes to somebody else


Oh no, I am sorry. Is there anything else we can do? I feel helpless

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Thanks for tagging me Thomas @eaglereptiles

Like @chesterhf said most of the places in Texas are shut down, and probably won’t be operational in shipping until this weekend, possibly Monday. The beginning of the week of tough, but it’s Friday now and the temps have risen to allow things to start melting.

It was definitely a strange time to live in Texas, and not having power or water for 2.5 days was horrible. My house got to 34 degrees and thankfully I had massive dogs to sleep next to. I was one of the lucky hobbiest and had a generator. The generator was on 24/7 during the freeze and was connected to my snake rack and reptile room.

A lot of reptile keepers in Texan banded together during this time and offered aid to one another. Taking in snakes, other reptiles, helping when we could, producing ideas on how to stay warm and whatnot. Most people have power back now (if they don’t it’s due to storm damage and not the grid), and I’d say 70% have water now. Our water boil action was canceled today and then water is safe to drink once again. It’s just been one wild ride after another here in big ole Texas.

While I doubt many other Texans will jump on here (simply because not many visit the forums) I think I can say for a majority of them that we thank y’all for the support and the love you’ve sent us, and we’re all going ton be okay from here on out. This was definitely a learning experience for all involved.


We’re good here in Bandera Tx. Still out of water for a week now. No water in stores. That’s what’s going on. Other than that we are fine. No losses. Eggs survived along with everything we have stuffed in an Armada for 17 hours while electricity was out. I’ve helped restore some rodent colonies that were lost by some keepers.