THANK YOU EVERYONE! (Noodle updates)

Thank you everyone for you help! I was very intimidated at first especially with such a non beginner snake. But I’m so proud of my tank from what she was in (I didn’t take any before photos)
I even made her a hobbit hole! Which was so funny watching her explore and stretch out! Now she perched on her tree. Gonna pick her out a nice fresh mouse on Wednesday when the store gets them in.


Let’s start by saying I don’t know what I’m doing…Yesterday, I rescued a Morelia carpet python. A defensive one too. She came to me with mold in the tank, no water, and clearly needs to eat, I can see her spine.
I’ve been told I should clean the cage before feeding her but she’s so defensive of her cage she’s lunged at me just looking at her.

These snakes I’ve learned are NOT for beginners and I’d really appreciate any one with any help or advice on handling an aggressive noodle and rehabilitation. I’m pretty scared lol


I really wish I could help you with this one but have never kept this species. Also, is the enclosure that she is in just temporary? Hopefully these people can help. @stewart_reptiles @t_h_wyman


probably Not. I’ll probably transfer her to something bigger. But she’s sitting in a nice sized tank

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Well this is one of those case when gloves and or a towel will be necessary if you do not believe that you can remove the snake without that.

Simply put a towel over the snake than grab the snake near the head and support the body and remove to a holding tub. Than repeat to place it back.

There can be a lot of reason why your rescue behave like this younger individual can be nippy, improper husbandry, not being work with on a regular basis, they are not like BP that can be left without being handle for month and will be fine.

Was the attitude part of the reason the animal was re-homed?


You have a bredli, and based on the colouration it is at least a couple years old.

From what I can see, this animal is not underfed. Morelia are a lighter bodied genus as they are very arboreal in habit.

It is very possible that this animal is simply “cage aggressive” with is, more properly, defensive behaviour of its home turf.

Do you have a hook? That will make it a bit easier to remove from the tank. If you do not then Deb’s suggestion of gloves or towel is viable. You can also try a broom handle and see if you can get the animal onto that. Once out of the cage, the behaviour may change as the animal will not feel cornered within the tank. You can then transfer it to a holding tub or pillow case while you clean the tank out. Alternatively, if you have a laundry tree/drying rack, you could put the animal on that and it might enjoy hanging out there and exploring some.

Lastly, where are you located? If you are anywhere near some of my Morelia contacts I can see if I can get you in direct contact with someone that has hands on experience who can help you


I’m in BC. And I’m definitely going for the glove and towel method. Apparently all pet stores are out of books in my tiny town. I was told it’s been close to a month that she hasn’t eaten. But she’s not hiding she’s exploring lots.

Next is the tank. Ive been told a variety of different advice for the tank bottom. But what would be the best? I have aspen and like wood shavings to mix together?, that the pet store recommended.

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Idk what the full story is. Too many pets maybe? Or not enough time. My heart broke seeing the situation though. And I could leave her behind.

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She’s so pretty. And actually quite fun to sit and watch. She’s a little explorer. I’m hoping to give her as much love as I can until I find the right person for her.


BC is harder… I do not know any Canada keepers but I will see if I can run someone down for you.

Depending on age/size, feeding once a month is not a bad thing for bredli. My male has only been fed once a month for the past two years and he is perfectly healthy. If you can get a better pic of the whole animal it would help. And if you can give an estimate of length.

For the caging - Aspen shavings would be okay but cypress or coconut husk mulch would be a bit better.

In the interim, here is a quick starting point for you:

Justin is one of the authors of ‘The Complete Carpet Python’ so you can trust his info :+1:t4:


Here’s a few pictures I just tried to get.


Update! Im a proud one! Just finished making her a new cage! Gloves and a pillow case worked like a charm! And no bites! Not even a lunge! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


Yay!! I hope all continues to go well❤


She looks happy up in her corner watching the world. She will love her new home :blush:


She’s so happy! I love her so much! She’s got such a spunky personality. I’m excited to feed her :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Congratulations on helping that snake out! I’m happy those tips worked for you and keep us updated on how she’s doing.
Very beautiful bredli!


I absolutely will! i kind of wish I could handle her more. But I think I wanna feed her first. The last feeding was may/June I guess? She’s really nippy. Not as much since we cleaned her tank out. I’m so far just observing trying to figure out how to read her body language.

She’s very photogenic . Always posing for me. And I’m kind of obsessed with taking pictures of her! And I’m not on any kind of social media than this, so I apologize for the photo spams if it happens :joy:


Lol, no worries on bombing us with photos. We all love to see pictures of everyone’s snakes :grin:.
I’m the same, I don’t use any social media except for this community.

Personally I would feed her just to help her settle in and start a routine. But as @t_h_wyman mentioned, this species can be perfectly healthy on one good meal a month if they are the right age and size.
I’d feel confident in what he suggests as he’s a very experienced keeper all around.
That’s very smart! Learning how to read your snake is a big part of keeping. I keep reticulated pythons and that’s the best thing you can learn is how to pick up on how they feel from day to day, or what mode their brain is in.


The stores in my area don’t get their live food in until Wednesday so I pre paid. The person before me said she rejects frozen and only does live, one of my daughters friends tried to offer her hamster hahaha but I declined :joy:.

I’m usually the person up for challenging animals and training them. I even have a cat on her way to be a labeled “working cat” so I’m pretty excited to learn about something new, in a pretty cool new community. Everyone always say reptile people are the chillest. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Not going with the hamster was a good call. She should take f/t eventually, I’ve never known of a morelia that hasn’t but there always exceptions.

Overall reptile people are a good bunch. There is a lot of infighting and opinions however, which can make it hard for some newcomers in the hobby.
But this community is a terrific place. I’ve had some ups and downs on here but it is filled with a great amount of people and I’ve learned a lot from many of them.