Thank you so very much!

Eventually, I will make an intro post, but this one is more important.

This year, we ended up as inadvertent Crestie breeders. I inherited a tribe of cresties from a friend and woke up one morning to a surprise baby.

17 eggs, 9 hatchlings, and countless hours on this forum, and every hatchling is currently thriving.

And we have you guys to thank for it!

Once I figure out picture posts, I will share. However…

Thank you so very much to this gecko crew, especially @ghoulishcresties, @foxreptile, and @erie-herps !!

Y’all had no idea how much you’ve helped us without even realizing. Thank you! :purple_heart:


I’m so glad to have been able to help! Your baby looks amazing, feel free to share as many pictures as you want. I’m glad that you decided to post, welcome!


Oh you’re so welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Happy to help in any way I/we can!
Yes for sure post more images :relaxed::heart:


Since I’ve already posted pics of the Bigs, here are some of the littles!

Their enclosures have been fun to decorate until we decide to go bio. The adults came in a full bio enclosure and I love it.

Those boxes worked like a charm!

I need to get better shots, but these will do. For someone who is jumpy, I adore holding the hatchlings. :joy:


Are those enclosure songmics shoe boxes? I see them commonly used and I’m planning to use them once I get more hatchlings (so next year), I’m in the US so hopefully I can still get them. What size box are the incubation boxes, are they the 0.14l RUB? I’m planning to also use those for incubation (and the idea of hanging them on the wall: New Crestie egg incubation boxes made up!).


Yep! Both came from Amazon, but I was nervous since I knew the inspiration came from the UK. I’m in the northeast US, and had no problems.

They sell the Really Useful Boxes at places like target and staples. I bought a million of them at the beginning of my teaching career, so I knew I could find some somewhere if they weren’t on Amazon, but they are!


I looked for the RUB at target and office max but they didn’t have the sizes I needed, I think I’ll order some shoeboxes and RUB on Amazon sometime.

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I use songmics.
You’ve used them upside down, not sure if on purpose or not? :sweat_smile:
And those rubs we also use but I find them not tall enough in the long run!

Songmics are awesome and I know of a lot of breeders using them! :grin:


Hahaha yes, I did do that on purpose! I generally have tremors and low strength in my hands by the end of the day, and it’s easier for me to open them upside down. That way I don’t have to call hubs in for an assist when I’m doing chores. Looks silly, but I figure it’s better than nightly earthquakes for the babies. :joy:

When they started hatching, we had them in a critter keeper and a 10gal tank. Then I saw some of your posts when @erie-herps i believe was looking for enclosure ideas. The Songmics are waaaaay better in my opinion. Made life so much easier.


Ah I see!
Yeah I think Reece would kill me if I asked for help every day, I like to handle a lot too! Are you holding any of them back? :blush:
I was trying to decide if it was a better way, but some of my little buggers like running out atm :joy:
Infact a couple wait by the bloody doors :upside_down_face:

They’re great, I put clutches in them (2 per enclosure). Works well and once hit 5+ Grams, depending on size I move one usually.

I like the little frog bum, they look so funny tailless when tiny! I have yet to have one drop a tail yet, but it’s so light :relaxed:


Welcome to the community, officially :grin:

I am so glad to have helped you, without even knowing :relaxed: should you have any further questions, just ask, we are not then happy to help.

Your Cresties look great :+1: The last set of pics appear fussy so I couldn’t see them.

I know you said they appeared by suprise. Are your Cresties cohabiting or was it from previous owner? Either way expect more babies for the next few years.

Congrats on your baby cresties :star_struck:

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I’m terrified of tail drops. The girls were already tailless from the previous breeder. Two of the littles are frog bums, but of the 3 we found roaming in the adult tank, two of them have little frog bums. I felt so bad but they are so freaking cute.

I’m always extra gentle when I handle Kain, the babies, and our Leo, so I don’t accidentally cause a tail drop.

We are holding them all back. I get so attached. The friend I got the adults from asked if we wanted them to take one or two as there’s so many of them, but Matt was very quick to say we weren’t getting rid of any of them. Which was not the case in the beginning. :rofl: it’s going to start looking like your lot soon!


Hahaha Cresties are addictive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and hard to let go

Frogbuts can still get around, so don’t feel too bad!

My first Crestie lost her tail when she was laying eggs, but I didn’t notice and ended up disturbing her while trying to change the food (I thought she was a he as was a LONG time ago and not much info was about back then) I felt bad but she got around just fine for several more years.

Touch wood I haven’t any other frogbuts but I’d love them all the same.

Do you have pics of the parents?

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Not too worry, I found the pics of the adults :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

They were cohab from a previous owner. They didn’t think that they were that old, and hadn’t thought to look for eggs. Had them about a month til I woke up to this when I went to mist.

Yeah, I’ll be having more like these for 2-3 years. Which partly why we are keeping them is Kain has MBD and should never have been bred in the first place. My friend rescued him and hand fed him for months. That’s partly why we didn’t think he’d be able to mate put together with the fact that we thought he was younger. We were able to get an enclosure for his bachelor pad, so it doesn’t continue. But so far the babies are healthy and thriving!

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Mbd won’t stop mating, I don’t think anything would!
Kaneki could have 2 legs and would still be wanting the ladies :joy:

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That’s a lot of Cresties your going to be keeping. A lovely surprise though :sweat_smile:

A male Crestie will breed regardless of health issues and can breed quite young.

Do you have any pics showing his MBD? Do you know what caused the MBD?
The babies seem healthy ATM, but given dad has MBD, it could change. Just be prepared for lots of vet bills, just incase.

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I used to be, I haven’t had any babies drop, but the only one who did drop their tail was Mushu the second day he was here he threw his blooming tail. Oh we were annoyed lol :woman_facepalming:t2:

Awh! You’re going to have any army also!! Can’t go wrong with lots of them :smirk:


Mbd can’t be passed on from what I know and speaking to people in the past, usually happens through lack of care.
To be fair Cresties can have lumps and bumps that isnt mbd so do you know for sure it’s mbd? Some are born with issues, but isn’t mbd. I have pumpkin from Crestie universe, she’s a bit lumpy but it isn’t mbd, she’s just a little deformed bless her, but I couldn’t say no to her so she will live her long lumpy life out here with us! And I had a couple hatchlings this year like it also who are going to the other halves friend next week to live their long life with him together 🥲
I found an ‘idiot’ this year who bred theres with mbd and no issues at all luckily :upside_down_face: even with the twisted spine the poor boy had! If was a female there would be more risk though as that can cause egg bounding and so on.
Luckily all babies were fine and healthy, their care was awful so they caused it themselves. Poor things had nothing! And mum was tailless so :woman_facepalming:t2:

But obviously don’t do it. (I know you’re not anyway ).
Luckily you’re a responsible owner who wouldn’t do that to the poor fella!


Yeah, we realized too late.

His first owner fed him baby food only as a baby. He was touch and go for a bit when my friend rescued him, but now he is strong and eats like a horse.

The lighting is wonky in both pictures, but you can have an idea. He’s actually quite red and a dal.