Thanks John for the add (BC's Balls)

John this is an amazing addition to an already amazing website. My name is Brian Carter and I am the owner of BC’s Balls and co-owner and admin of the Reptile Coalition Facebook Group. I look forward to learning how to use this and networking with everyone here! Thanks for the invite and I am THRILLED to have this functionality here!

My family and I live in Knoxville Tennessee. I have been involved at varying levels in the reptile business since 1989 but recently shifted focus to Ball Pythons in 2016. I am married, father of 3, grandfather of two and living life to its fullest. I am also a Boy Scout Scoutmaster and an avid boater. I look forward to getting to know some of you better and participating in what I expect to be an amazing community!


Brian, thanks for introducing yourself. Sounds like you have a lot of interesting stuff going on. I enjoy boating too, and am an Eagle scout.

I had to ask, do you teach the reptiles merit badge? :wink: I bet you have done some cool herp-related activities with the boys.

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I have been the registered Reptile and Amphibian Merit Badge Counselor for the Great Smoky Mountain Council for many years lol. I have helped hundreds of Scouts earn the badge and do all sorts of educational outreach both inside and outside Scouting. My youngest son is almost 15 and is one requirement on Personal Management and a Project away from Eagle! I expect, just a guess, his project will be reptile related. Initial thoughts are ID Signs at local parks and Boat Ramps etc…