The bath of shame

A certain gecko who couldn’t possibly be named ‘Munch Mouth’ decided to eat a piece of spaghnum moss at some point. I don’t know when he did because I just saw him poop it out in front of me. He’s getting a warm water soak just incase there’s more he’s going to pass and to help him rehydrate


Naughty wee man! Even though I know, rationally, that there’s no way my leos are consciously using their cuteness against me so they can get in trouble, beg for extra food, and be naughty in general without me getting fed up… I’m convinced they are. Heh.

Me: Walks into gecko room to check on everybody and relax.

Mischievous gecko of mine: looks at me

My anthropomorphizing brain: “I’m so hungry, I’m emaciated, I’m dying! My humid hide hasn’t been misted for 12 hours, I haven’t eaten in 6 hours, and someone spot cleaned my bathroom corner again!! How can you treat me this way?! I thought you loved me!!!”


This is so me with Kai, LOL :joy: