The Champ Is Here!

What’s goin’ on err’one?
Joey Herp from Charlotte, NC here. New to the community; but not new to herps, at all. I bred several species and morphs of Boa Constrictors back through most of the 90’s; I am now beginning Pantherophis and Pituophis projects. I might move on Drymarchon sometime in the near future as well.


Welcome to the community! Feel free to post pics and show off your reptiles!

Welcome, I hope that you enjoy our little community. We love to grow together, and believe that everyone is needed. Happy you chose us.

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Would love to see your projects now! Hope you enjoy it here, any questions or help needed just ask :grin:

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community Joey! :smiley:

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Welcome, love drymarchon. Please post pics when you do start a prohect with them!