The difference between ghi pastel and super ghi pastel

hey guys so I’ve been told that I can’t know forsure that my super ghi pastel is a super ghi. He looks nothing like a normal ghi pastel at all. Why are people questioning it? We were gonna sell him but decided to keep him because we have a good female to pair with him. Anyways guys what do you think? Can you tell a super ghi pastel from a ghi pastel? He was sold as a super ghi pastel but now everyone is making me second gues it lol.


Looks like a pastel super GHI to me

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Thank you!!! Thats what I’m saying. The pastel ghis are very faded and aren’t no where near as dark and black as my pretty boy is!

Yes I’ve got a pastel ghi het Axanthic, and compared to that I’d say your boy is a super. To me, the bright dorsal fading into darker, washed out pattern is the giveaway. Nice!

This is my pastel GHI boy. Way brighter!

Super GHI seems to “desaturate” the colors and gives an almost axanthic-like appearance to the scales. I would agree on yours being pastel super GHI.