The effects of aging in morphs

A lot of morphs change with age and with everyone always wanting to show their new animals we never really get to see how they have change through the years.

Some such as Fire get brighter with age, and Lavenders grow into their ‘lavender’ while bananas seem to lose it.

What others have you noticed change, whether it be dramatically or just a slight change in tones?

Pictures throughout your animals lives are extremely welcome :grin: and don’t worry about posting “too many” pictures, the more the merrier.

This Is My Adult Fire Male


same snake at approx 300g


Solange (Spinnerblast Mystic Potion) through the years! Photo credits of the first two pics to Rehker Reptiles. She’s mostly lost her pattern with age put her purples and yellows have really come through. She has three mirrored spots on either side of her head behind the eyes which have also stayed.